[Hpn] Voted off from New Hampshire Coalition To End Homelessness board of directors in abstentia:

wtinker wtinker@metrocast.net
Tue, 27 Nov 2001 21:16:09 -0500

Groups I never expect everyone to ever agree totally on every thing on any
list and thats exactly why they are open interactive discussion lists
I just want to share some information with the homeless as a world wide

 I spoke with The President of  New Hampshire Coalition To End Homelessness
Mary Sliney telling her that I could not make the board of directors meeting
on November 14th because of medical reasons,and she told me she would
support my idea to back away from any grooming sessions they might have with
legislators concerning housing;because of this lists August attempt to
educate and inform 303 legislators by e-mail about the lack of affordable
housing;and that we needed last year 20,000 new units of housing in NH.

At no time was the now defunct NewHampshireHomeless@yahoogroups.com ever
remotely affiliated with New Hampshire Coalition To End Homelessness
ideology,nor did I ever act as a agent or express my being a member of board
of directors to the legislators of New Hampshires Coalition To End
Homelessness but board decided in my abstentia to vote me off the board of
directors because of the legislators vexation at my list and they accosted
persons about allowing me to be on board of directors would not make for
good relations if they wanted funding or help in legislative bill passing

I at this time am requesting a roll call count of whom voted me off the
board of directors,and I want to know whom voted by name and how long they
have been attending the meetings/and been a member of NHCEH? Because I can
tell you that perhaps three of you out of the board now may have attended
the meetings underneath the LOB in the cafeteria in the very infancy of this
revamped/retooled coalition.

But I want to applaud your ability to have become just another providers
coalition, and your whole agenda is lost as you have sold out to legislative
pressure when in reality they should be working for we the people you have
crossed the line of no trust from this ex homeless man and I am sure that
others will voice their opinions that you have lost all respectability in
the eyes of persons that your supposed to be your mission end involuntary

Perhaps since most of you have never been homeless,or disabled you will
never ever quite get the mission or earn the title of brother or sister but
I am sorry you could only see $$ signs at the shelters and the threat of no
more help on shelter funding bills drove you to your mob like mentality.
Again thank you for your loyality and your courage to tell the legislators
that you would denounce me as a rogue and cast me out of the NH Coalition To
End Homelessness,now I guess I can ask to get my name removed from being one
of the fathers or original signers of this coalition.
Good luck I hope you can get lots of legislators, to come out for our
proclaimed New Hampshire Homeless Memorial Day on December 21,2001
A Brother In The Struggle
New Hampshire Homeless
25 Granite Street
Northfield,N.H. 03276 USA
Advocate,activist for displaced,disabled,and human rights.