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Hey long as I am vertical they will not get me down.
The best to all our brothers and sisters all over the world,at this time of
year especially.
Anybody felt any ones has  been helped by that big  billion dollar flash
roll  Bush handed out ?
I was never that fortunate David but if I could get can open I could find a
means to eat it!
A Bro.
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I concur wholeheartedly on the utility of
 the P38,have you ever had the fortune to get your hands on the kind with
 integral spoon??.It was made of steel and I had it for years,I don't know
 where I lost it but I hope it is being used by someone who appreciates it,I
 got two of them from a church to go with a brownbag lunch that had a can of
 beans in it,I don't think the lady knew how much I valued it for years....I
 think they were navy issue because this was in San
 Diego(navytown)...anyway,Merry Christmas to ya..and don't let the bastards
 get you down..