[Hpn] street children

Collins kamara preventstrechild_sl@yahoo.com
Sun, 25 Nov 2001 08:33:37 -0800 (PST)

Dear Sir/Madam,
                         May I take this opportunity
to introduce myself.My name is collins Moham kamara,I
am 29 years old and a graduate in computer Engineering
& shipping management and export.I have travelled far
and wide in west Africa countries.I am a Sierra
Leonean living in Sierra Leonean west Africa.I came to
know about your foundation when I was seaching the
internet. I have worked with many local &
International NGOs in combating poverty in Sierra

    With the knowledge I have attained in family self
development & poverty allevation programmes,I with
other men of higher descipline have organised a group
that is cared towards preventing children from the
streets of our country .We have locally done and we
are still doing more work to bring an end to street
children activities in our country an we wishes to
have our organization linked to yours and become
International partners .Our young organization is
named as Prevent street children International Sierra
Leone(PSCISL).We had rebel war that lasted for 10
Sir,your support & our support here is needed because
the life of street children in our country Sierra
Leone before and after the rebel war is one that is
being lived by more and more children on a daily basis
in other countries & war ravaged countries.In our
country street children parents were killed during the
war and many of their parents are poor to the
core.There are currently 2 thousand street children in
the streets of our country from 6-24 years old living
24 hours per day on the streets. The reasons for this
are many,poverty,abuse,war,polical instability,drugs
and violence etc...
 Sir,these children are at terrible risk as the doors
ar open wide for them to the devastating transition
from being in the street to living.
Something must be done immediately to keep these kids
in school in their family homes.
 In trying to combat Sierra Leone's stretchildren
epiemic,preventing street children International
Sierra Leone(PSCISL)has developed a diverse setttttt
of programs,including regular orientation programs
directed for the police. The purpose of this is to
cause attitudinal  changes among the police pertaining
to street children who are wrongly understood by
society in general and the police in particular. Once
children are onto the streets they are branded by  the
society as "hopeless
cases,vandals,uncultured,etc".Many people don't seem
to take the hardship of questioning why these children
are out on the street with little or no family
control? what the pull and push factors are? what
corrective measures are required? what they could
contribute to mitigate this growing urban social
     Your reply and advice and support is highly
needed.Our growing organization will be very grateful
if your kind humanly reply is immediately is received
for a support or plans to support the street children
in Sierra Leone.Your questions are welcome,I want to
thank you .
       Yours sincerely
       Collins M kamara( Program co-ordinator)

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