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Fri, 23 Nov 2001 18:56:09 -0800

Dear Ruben,

BECKY:  When I send you something, I expect you to be discerning about what
you choose to pass along.  Our protest had been announced earlier, but this
was just a last minute reminder to folks who may have forgot.
You are on my media list.  Please.
RUBEN: As if we can just rush to the airport, to get to Santa Cruz, on a
> or even longer notice.

BECKY:  Or even later! Much later.  We will schedule the protest for when
you get here.
Ruben:   To extent our just knowing that a protest is taking place -- in
Santa Cruz,  today -- is productive, it is in fact productive, but I think
that, as
> Internet activists, we can be a lot more productive by letting each other
> know what we can do online, to help.

BECKY: Sure.  We are specifically seeking for the City Council to end the
ban.  Since they have thusfar completely failed to do so, they should put
one of the two initiatives to repeal the Sleeping Ban (The 1997 version or
the 1998 version, whichever they like best) on the March ballot for the
voters to decide.  And in the meantime, they should suspend ticketing during
the current shelter emergency.  Mayor Fitzmaurice is outgoing on November
27th.  It is unclear who the new mayor will be.  Vice-mayor Christopher
Krohn is the likely candidate, but Emily Reilly was the top vote-getter by
far,and has been on the council for two years now.

Contact them at:  Vice-mayor Christopher Krohn ckrohn@ci.santa-cruz.ca.us
Mayor Tim Fitzmaurice tfitzmaurice@ci.santa-cruz.ca.us  and Emily Reilly
ereilly@cruzio.com .  However, to get your e-mail to Emily Reilly and make
sure your message is in the public record, write to attention: Emily Reilly
at  citycouncil@ci.santa-cruz.ca.us

Please help lobby the incoming Mayor to end the Sleeping Ban.

Here are some quotes on the Sleeping Ban in Santa Cruz.

"I think we should interrupt the sleep of people who pass these laws."  --
Howard Zinn at a RCNV event

"People who make it illegal to sleep have profoundly immoral and spiritual
problems." -- Robert Norse

RUBEN:   Even if I could afford to fly or otherwise get, to Santa Cruz --
> tomorrow or whenever -- do you really think I would? Hell, if I was that
> rich, I probably wouldn't even care about this cause!
> So, who can reasonably be expected, to show up, to the below demonstration
> other than the few activists already there who give a hoot? It would be
> great, if we all or even a few of us could show up, at a moment's
notice --  or even after weeks and months of planning -- but that just ain't
the way
> things happen, in the homelessworld I know.

BECKY:  Well, we had about a million shoppers show up.
RUBEN:  I do think, however, that if posts instructed us over the Internet,
> e-mail timely and relevant letters of support -- to local powers-that-be,
in conjunction with local street protests -- that we could actually help
> particular cause, in a real and measurable way. Some activists can even
> afford, to fax or call in their support for the protesters, but how many
of us can really be expected to show up, even if we could afford to?

BECKY:  Obviously only the locals.  You got it because you are on my media
RUBEN:  I'm glad to know HUFF is protesting for homeless rights, in Santa
> today, but I really do wish I could do more, to help the homeless cause
> there, than just know.  This applies, to all homeless movements, protests
and struggles around the
> world. Let us know exactly who, to share our concerns over the Internet
with, and some of us really will.
> If someone can actually show up, to an announced protest, that is of
course better, but the vast majority of us just can't or won't. At least
some of
us will write letters of support, however.
> Just let us know, to whom about what, why, when, where and how we should
be expressing our concerns, other than by showing up, physically. Various
> "homeless activists" have lost credibility fast after acting like all they
> had to do was 'say the word', and hundreds or thousands of homeless would
> show up, to protest for a particular cause, in a particular city, at a
> particular date, time and place.

BECKY: Large number are always desirable at a protest.  But HUFF is known
for smaller, more likely things that can be done with 6 or 8 people.  We
awarded a sitting member of the City Council with a pie in the face (he
declined and Robert Norse er..received the award on Mike Rotkin's behalf),
we have done street polls, copwatches , street theatre, endless tabling,
Xmas carols, downtown walking tours, and downtown speak-outs.

RUBEN: With all the odds, obstacles and barriers in our way, we have to be
more realistic and pragmatic, to help the homeless, the most oppressed and
needy people on earth. Protest is great, and people protesting over the
> is great, too.
> Coordinating street with online protests, and directing all this
> pro-homeless energy and concern, at anti-homeless policies and practices,
in places like Santa Cruz, is much more likely, to produce positive local
> results. Otherwise, it's just the same ole' "longtime homeless activist"
> protesters local media loves, to defame, discredit, deride and derail,
every chance it gets, in deference to the powers-that-be.

BECKY: You mean us? The career malcontents who have cynically manipulated
events to match our own agenda?
RUBEN: Street protesters should give online supporters about a week's
notice, to
> start e-mailing our letters of support from all around the World Wide Web.
> Think orchestra: orchestrate us, on and off the Net, so all our horns,
drums and other instruments can be heard, as we act in concert, even from
> computers, for homeless rights, in your locality, state, nation or
> internationally. paz, ruben

BECKY:  You are welcome at my protest anytime, Ruben!

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