[Hpn] am i the only one getting these Mailer Returns,,

greg james greg@HomelessMediaProject.org
Fri, 23 Nov 2001 17:40:53 -0600

Does HPN have a mirror site server which can also send out to the list,,

perhaps it could be the point where the list needs to be updated,,

greg james wrote:
> well, i'm at a point of quandary,,
> either HPN took that name out of the list already, or what i thought
> is not exactly correct since i did not receive the Mailer Return this
> time when i replied to an HPN list eMail (the default Reply To:),,
> or, in the alternative, it could be that only certain additional
> conditions are contributing to this effect, some trial and error to
> find where the error is coming from just might locate where (or who)
> the culprit is,,
> ---
> greg james wrote:
> >
> > let me see if this example works just like i am stating,,
> >
> > i stated that i get pounded twice, each time, whenever I REPLY to an
> > eMail from the HPN list,, this means as such that it is only when i
> > reply to an eMail from the HPN list that I get hit,
> > ...
> --


  Thank you,

, greg james
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  Homeless Media Project/
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