[Hpn] am i the only one getting these Mailer Returns,,

greg james greg@HomelessMediaProject.org
Fri, 23 Nov 2001 17:19:19 -0600

well, i'm at a point of quandary,,
either HPN took that name out of the list already, or what i thought is not
exactly correct since i did not receive the Mailer Return this time when i
replied to an HPN list eMail (the default Reply To:),,

or, in the alternative, it could be that only certain additional conditions
are contributing to this effect, some trial and error to find where the
error is coming from just might locate where (or who) the culprit is,,

greg james wrote:
> let me see if this example works just like i am stating,,
> i stated that i get pounded twice, each time, whenever I REPLY to an
> eMail from the HPN list,, this means as such that it is only when i
> reply to an eMail from the HPN list that I get hit,
> ...


  Thank you,

, greg james
  acting-General Manager,
  Homeless Media Project/
  Austin Homeless Advocate

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