[Hpn] my re on Col. Youth center:

Joseph Reynolds reynolds@webmail.pe.net
Tue, 20 Nov 2001 12:16:59 0

 So "the kids" were seen as "other than us"? Geez whiz, I sure hope these peeps didn't complain how their parents didn't understand them!
 Then again maybe we should HOPE  the kids are different from them/us. Then I might have a little more hope and respect for this species...
 Course maybe we could  decide also that these kids don't have the right to marry though heterosexual On the grounds that since they ain't like us it would defame or degrade marriage. Of course I could go into my marriage was an example of why this argument is total whale crap - again. 
  The kids are humans too so I don't care that some twit doesn't "get" what they are about or whatever baloney excuse is used. Common decency fails again or at least is so exceedingly common. (I apologize for the deep nastiness behind that last comment.)
  Here in wonderful Moreno Valley or town council just blocked a 100 bed program for parolees with drug problems for residents of This town solely! And is striving to kill a program for homeless vets and others who have drug and other issues. The idea is to keep "these people" out of here. Despite that "those people" are already here and the number of parolees living here is 800 and with less than minimal oversight - so a too small program would still be a vast improvement!
  Ah, the Demoness Nimby strikes again! She is a minor NRP from Xanth. Silly me dated her for 2 months.
  Next on the list gays, Mormons, me? Don't worry eventually it will be your turn . Didn't Tom Paxton sing about this or was that Dylan, Mr. Blue? Oh which "side" you are on doesn't matter - eventually creeping fascism gets us all. At least the trains will run on time. Too bad you will be afraid to go any place.
  Besides wanna bet these folks who complain about these kids don't have kids of their own who aren't going to need these facilities?
  Y'know what gets me about these types who defend "the status quo"? Remember before a certain world war a president called for a "return to normalcy"; well that whole crew set events in motion that complerely destroyed the "normalcy" a generation and country was looking for. Not that they ir anyone has any idea what those terms mean. Then again unfortunately many people will settle for slogans that sound like they mean something.
  And peeps let's not worry about who likes us or killfiles another whether rightly or wrongly. For me it is enough to put up with me and also to forgive others for how they treat me.
  "It is easier to catch flies with honey than with vinegar." - Renfield
  Forgiving another"s error is easier than our own. And we need to practice tolerance of the other -even one we don't like or we might as well call ourselves Taliban. This doesn't mean we allow anyone to do us injury - after all our back isn't tattooed to look like a welcome mat. But we must allow others the same space we demand. 
    Sorry to go on so long but I am gabby!
     Zen hugs to everyone