[Hpn] Tolerance

Bill blue-eyes@buddhist.com
Tue, 20 Nov 2001 11:31:49 +0100

I suppose I should leave things well alone, but I've never been very
good at it. It's why I'm still working with homeless people after 30
years of smashing my head against the wall.

We've just had a lovely thread wherein we could all rant about bigotry
and discrimination. It ended with a dispute about who said what to

This thread contained a lot of words which I don't like, but none with
which I'm unfamiliar.

One of the words I found upsetting, because my friends on the street
use it frequently is "unperson".

"When I'm walking down the street, people seem to look through me.
It's like I'm not there, like I'm an "unperson" ". is something I hear
my clients say almost on a daily basis...

And it's the right of the "normal citizens" to treat homeless people
like that. After all, it's their life...