[Hpn] on marriage petition ruckus

Joseph Reynolds reynolds@webmail.pe.net
Mon, 19 Nov 2001 14:34:06 0

Dear everyone,
   From a group which is looking for the simple respect and common decency denied by "society" I am surprised at the venom slung so freely at a group seeking the same. "Gays" aren't other people they are members of our common family. They may be that person over there or your brother or sister; heck for all you know "they" may be me. For all I know despite whatever you have written you may be! And so what! Ones sexuality is maybe fortieth or fiftieth on the list describing who we are, not #1!
   If one wants to be treated fairly and with respect one feels due then same one had damn better extend that to others - most especially others one may not like for whatever reason. Even this agnostic learned that was part of what Jesus and others have taught. 
   No one is asking you or me to behave different sexually than we feel so practice tolerance. In life you only get what you give. 
   Treat others as you would have them treat you. It is all about simple decency. You want to throw stones then I suggest wearing padding and a hard-hat because you don't know what about you may offend me. For the most part I try to keep that to myself because I feel what I am reacting to is your problem not mine. 
   You must understand that I try to understand each person here as best I can and forgive any excesses cause I have on more than a few times been a shithead. I am as imperfect as anyone here, maybe more even.
   I don't worry about "understanding" gays, blacks, Afghans or Rockerfellers; it is more than enough that I understand me. And often I leave me without a clue to what the hell the latest whatever was!
   To stray a little (and to stay in character) my dearest Wanda once responded to the question of what it was as a bisexual/vampyre/goth lifestyler(and you thought your life was complicated?)she replied, " I want a double cheeseburger extra onions, no fries with jaggermeister." This left an interesting look on the reporter's face. The same look a cow gives when you ask it to express devotion and courage.
    Sometimes I wonder about life. Other times I'm sure of it!
   Look folks why let it bother you who so and so hooks up with? Is you life so well set you can afford the time  on this and not your own situations? I wish I had the luxury to try and control others. I would have my pyramid built in under 23 years for sure.
   Look, putting food on the table with a roof over it is more than enough to worry about. And if the neighbor has a significant other you don't approve of so what, keep it to yourself. Like your parents approve of who you chose or that my daughter has ever lived with someone my secret reaction to was " you has got to be kidding!".
   All their business not ours.
   So let us try to cut back on the name calling even if we have to forgive some heinous belief or something hard to forgive that one has been called. Mercy and tolerance are qualities not strained in their exercise. But don't let it be because you haven't tried.
   You are better than that.
       Zen hugs, Joe
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