[Hpn] Homeless Protest Planned for Olympics [2/8/02]; Salt Lake Tribune; 11/18/01

blue unclescam@buskers.org
Mon, 19 Nov 2001 00:30:55 -0500

this is the damn dumbest idea i've heard yet.
i believe in cultural amnesia. when will we ever learn ?
takin twentyk poor folks and puttin em through an eight to ten hour bus
ride from vegas to salt lake bus ride in the dead of winter? in one of
the coldest most god forsaken spots i've ever been (i spent two weeks
livin in the streets of salt lake, in 1974 march  ). with the security
of a terrorized bush itchin to perform some security bizness for a world
wide audience? gimme a break.
put your money into buying housing and or land to put the folks on..
talk twenty k middleclass folks with warm coats n boots to do this
march, pretending to be poor,... say the fools who thought up this
beautifull dream..

"Morgan W. Brown" wrote:
> Below is a forward of an article concerning a homeless protest being planned
> to take place in Salt Lake City, Utah on the opening day of the 2002 Winter
> Olympics, February 8, 2002.
> Advocates for the poor plan to bring hundreds, if not thousands, of homeless
> people to Salt Lake City for a massive march to Rice-Eccles Stadium on Feb.
> 8 -- the opening day of the Winter Olympics.
> Organizers hope to have 20,000 homeless and poor people participate in their
> protest of economic human rights violations.
> Such a huge exhibition of indigence could provide stunning contrast to
> up-scale Olympic enthusiasts who paid $885 per ticket to attend the Games'
> Opening Ceremony.
> "We will come by car, by buses, and by planes, " said Cheri Honkala, at a
> Saturday news conference in downtown Salt Lake City.
> Organizers said the Olympics, where millions of dollars have been spent for
> "a good time," is the perfect place to point out that millions of Americans
> live in poverty.
> Honkala, a member of the Philadelphia-based Kensington Welfare Rights Union,
> said none of the marchers will end up sleeping on the streets or in local
> homeless shelters.
> Organizers expect local churches and private citizens to open their doors to
> the marchers. "Salt Lake is a very religious town and the people here have
> big hearts," Honkala said.
> Bonnie Macri, executive director of JEDI (Justice, Economic Dignity and
> Independence) Women, which is co-sponsoring the march, said organizers plan
> to bring homeless people into Las Vegas on cheap flights, then bus them to
> Utah.
> Macri said she is meeting with the American Civil Liberties Union on Monday
> to enlist its help in obtaining a permit for the march.
> At 4 p.m. on Feb. 8, the marchers plan to assemble at Reservoir Park, South
> Temple and 1300 East, and then walk to nearby Rice-Eccles Stadium, where the
> Opening Ceremony is set to begin at 6 p.m.
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