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On Thursday, Nov. 8, both the Senate and the House of Representatives passed 
the FY 2002 VA-HUD Appropriations Bill. 

Some of its features include:

  * Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) FY02 is funded at $30 
billion. [$1.8 billion above FY01]

  * Homeless programs are funded at $1.123 billion, including full funding 
to renew Shelter Plus Care contracts within this account.
       * Requires that not less than 30% of the funds provided under this 
account, exclusive of amounts for S+C renewals, be used for permanent 
housing as proposed by the Senate, instead of the 35% as proposed by the 
       * Requires that all funds awarded for services shall be matched by 
25% in funds from each grantee.
       * $2,000,000 to continue the Departmentís national homeless data 
analysis project to document the demographics of homelessness.
       * $6,600,000 available for Technical Assistance.
       * $500,000 available to the Interagency Council on the Homeless.
       * Conferees Ďagree that HUD should use the Continuum of Care process 
to give preference to communities that use funds for permanent housing to 
end homelessness for chronically homeless, disabled people and encourage 
communities to obtain funds for supportive services from non-HUD sources, 
such as the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of 
Labor, and the Department of Veterans Affairsí.
       * "The Conferees direct the Department to include in its FY 2002 
budget justifications five year projections, delineated on an annual basis, 
of the costs of renewing the permanent housing component of the Supportive 
Housing Program and separately, the Shelter Plus Care program.

  * The Housing Certificate Fund, which fully funds Section 8 renewals and 
tenant protections, is increased $1.7 billion over FY01, bringing FY02 
funding to $15.6 billion. Includes $144 million to fund 26,000 new section 8 

        * $103,979,000 is provided for 18,000 vouchers to be distributed on 
a fair share basis to PHAís having a voucher utilization rate of at least 
        * $40,000,000 is provided for 7,900 vouchers for distribution to 
non-elderly, disabled residents.

  * Disabled Housing (Section 811) is funded at $241 million, $29 million 
above FY01 and $23 million above the Presidentís request.
  * Housing for the elderly (Section 202) is funded at the Presidentís 
request of $783 million, $4 million above FY01.
  * Modernization for public housing is funded $2.84 billion, $157 million 
below FY01 and $550 million above the request.
  * HOPE VI is funded at $574 million, the same as the Presidentís request 
and FY01 level.
  * Public Housing Operating Subsidies are funded at $3.5 billion, $110 
million above the request and $253 million above FY01. These additional 
resources are provided instead of providing funding under the Public Housing 
Drug Elimination Programs which receives no funds as requested.
  * Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) is increased to $277 
million, $19 million above last year and the same as Presidentís request.


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