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I hear that you don't think much of Norway. And I hear that you have this mental
image of me wearing rose colored glasses and sleeping with silly greed on my
lips. I "get it".

Now how about working together to end homelessness, build more affordable homes,
and push for a universal living wage?


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norway make it's money on oil and whales/fishing. greenpeace has more
than once targeted their industries for various misdemeanors. suck up to
the green (profit)
and sleep with that silly greed on yer lips. rose colored glasses n all.

Harmony Kieding wrote:
 hehehehe......imagine my feelings as an "economic refugee" from the US, sitting

 and reading this email in Norway!! I love it!! I love it!! I love it!! And
 agree with the assessment of Norway as top-ranking, also. I arrived in Norway

 three years ago, straight from being homeless in the US.
 Anyway, about this article- All the more reason for the US to start a Universal

 Living Wage, build affordable homes and get a national health plan going. I

 hope we really do it soon.

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