[Hpn] Petition to stop Fed Gov from banning gay marriages

greg james greg@HomelessMediaProject.org
Fri, 16 Nov 2001 04:19:31 -0600

greg james had wrote:
> "no." & more,,

 and there were replies,
 and now, here is a reply to those replies,,

Curious wrote:

"your faith is blind."

"and please - stop talking shit."

> Undefinitve(ly), but since you were probably the only one who understood what your snippy snide comments should mean, hopefully you'll be the one to take them to heart.

Graeme wrote:

"I think this list needs to develop a policy for dealing with homophobia
and other similar expressions of hatred."

> It's my understanding that most ListServes focus on a single topic. HPN should be about homelessness. YOU, Graeme, are the one who is having problems dealing with your homophobia issues.

"Until this happens, I'm requesting as an individual that you take your
hurtful, unreasoning bias someplace else."

> YOU, Graeme, are the one who should keep your issues (not in sync with the topic about homelessness) off to whatever other ListServe for whatever other issues you need to gluckulate your spewny little whining self centeredness out towards whoever wants to hear it.


Rev. sherryl-annette snyder GAIRUA

> Since you probably got a direct channel to your "god" - call him/her/it up and ask him/her/it just what I won't smatter this list with about, about the way you just presented your (choke) wisdom towards an issue you even think you understand.


Graeme, also wrote:

"Hatred is a - perhaps the only real one.
"Think about it."

> Graeme, really, just what do you think about whenever you're sucking someone's dick, or ass, or pussy, or even someone's shit out of their assholes, or their piss, cum, semen into your mouth? and then probably exercise the act of decency to wash your hands after you go the bathroom?

> And don't you or anybody give me any shit about what your own f-x-g methods or habits or excuses to condone your own sickness,, after all, ya'll's are the ones out there representing those presumptive rights for everyone of those who exercise every form of perverted, vile, disgusting acts of behavior which ya'll even got any guts left to call acts of love.

> Really, Graeme, YOU should "Think about it."

> Perversion:
> not within the bounds of morality or propriety, esp. with regard to sexual conduct; immoral; lewd; a perverted form of a thing or act, esp. sexual behavior that is considered deviant; an act or instance of perverting, or the condition of being perverted; an immoral, corrupt, or depraved act or habit; a physical weakness; a defect or flaw; an immoral or evil act; wickedness; morally evil in actions or principles; sinful; not in accordance with established or accepted rules and standards of right and wrong conduct; breaking a rule or accepted practice; vulgar or obscene; to use for improper or degrading purposes; to reduce in value, quality, esteem, or character; to damage or destroy the moral character of; cause to become dishonest, disloyal, unjust, or otherwise immoral; without regard to moral principles, or lacking the usual moral standards or scruples.


Katlyn Lynn of the "Denver Voice" wrote:

> It's an issue of disenfranchisement - duh,

> and lack of representation - oh gee, I wonder if it has anything to do with anything I mentioned above,, maybe, just maybe, the vast majority of people really do have justifiable qualms about attempting to perk a turd of shit onto a toothbrush to brush their teeth instead of using something a little more healthy, like toothpaste!

> I posted it because I support it. - Obviously

> Obviously you don't - Obviously

> and you did exercise your right to disagree or say no by not signing. - just a minute there young lady (i.e., if you really are a female),, your crap that you are trying to get away with here ain't gonna work on me,, for you to pout that my action of "not signing (or agreeing)" IS the same as my action of DISAGREEING with this pathetic petition is no less of a BULLSHIT argument than those who attempt (per se) to charge males one price for dry-cleaning a shirt and women another price just because it's called a blouse.

> You might also note that it is a petition not a survey - so,, I got a petition going around down here for a bumper sticker a lot of folks really want to see hit the streets, but when I heard someone voice a concern that folks (the public) might not really go along with it - I then started a petition and it included equal amounts of space to disagree with the proposal to submit this design for a bumper sticker to print. And, so far, the tally is around 20-25 for it for every 1 against it. Now, this is an example of what I would appreciate as "FAIR."
"Otherwise, it is flat out BULLSHIT to pout that whoever just didn't sign
the petition is as well as have disagreed with it - when in fact, no
opportunity was provided to show indeed that someone was in disagreement
with the petition.

> i have received many messages from people who did sign it as a result of my having posted it here. - great, use them for tissue to dry your dribbles

> On a personal note - speaking purely for myself - this issue affects me directly. - so, I got issues that affect me personally too,, you think you or anyone else wants to see me post all of my issues (not directly related to homelessness) onto this ListServe, which is setup just for that topic,,


Bill Crompton wrote: 

What most disturbs me about your post is not your apparent homophobia,
after all, everybody is entitled to an opinion, however wrong it may be.
The most disturbing aspect is that you sign it as Acting General Manager of
a project for homeless people, and that gives me the idea that since you
discriminate against one group of people which belong to the group
"homeless" for which you claim to be an advocate, there is a risk that you
will do this to other groups whose behavior you find "abhorrent". In my
work I come across many people whose behavior is totally abhorrent; many
have spent time in prison as a result of it. I can reject their behavior as
an individual but I do not have the right to reject it as an employee of a
homeless care organization. Nor do you. Maybe *you* should find other work.
I'm sure the homeless of Austin sleep easily knowing they have tolerant,
understanding and caring people like you acting as their "advocate". As for
being out of touch with reality, you're talking about approximately 10% of
the world's population, so whether ya'll like it or not, they ain't going
anywhere, bro, so learn to live with it.

> BILL, instead of rubbing that stupid belly for an answer to reply to someone's response which, apparently you are inept to fully follow all the way through to grasp what was actually said, shut the fuck up.


Katlyn Lynn, wrote additionally:


> Upon further thought I want to make my personal position clear. (note - this paragraph is MY opinion, not the official position of the Denver VOICE) I support this agenda because of people who find it necessary to push your morals upon others. - Hey, grasp this, "so what."

> If you don't support this so what. - Bullshit. YOU pressed it out onto this ListServe wherein I became aware of your efforts to sham rod this petition across as though it makes no difference for those who DO DISAGREE with this outrageous nonsense and will not in turn find a way to equally express their own DISAGREEMENT, in the same ease of effort YOU presented to AGREE to it.

> Where do you get off calling people perverts. - see above, where I elaborated how naturally disgusting your so-called preferences to express affection is questioned. And btw, what do you call pimps? or for that matter, what do you call a john? Do you resent the fact that toilets are also called johns? Perhaps there oughta be a statue passed prohibiting people from being confused whether one is referring to a toilet or a buyer of sexual advantages?

> You don't know me nor do you have in depth knowledge of the lives of others. - It appears, neither do you know me nor how much I am aware of, courtesy of our modern means of mass communications.

> Pervert is YOUR moral judgment. - just what do consider worthy to define what YOU are striving to bludgeon my already overburdened weight of concerns? Additionally, as a matter of factly, how could you dispute anyone possessing a talent to display a moral judgement? Here, try this - justifiably define, and/or alternatively categorize, exactly how you would/ should/ could prefer otherwise to consider upon what basis to determine any choice or decision you (should by now) better realize how such a choice or decision will affect what you'll be doing later on.

> It is because of people who think they can speak for all of society that there has to be a petition like this. 
- What do you think you are striving to accomplish through your own
writing? And equally as well, it is because of people like yourself who go
about presenting only one side of an issue, never minding about those who
did not get their disagreements equally registered, and then pout about
that there are still some people who will recognize just how mischievous,
or at least misguided your actions are. Yet, we merely strive to point it
out hoping someday you will wake up and realize just how deceived you are
by their whole wicked rhetorical machine of manipulation.

> It is to protect a minority group from people who would act to further disenfranchise them. - see comment above.

> This is my personal opinion and not that of the Denver VOICE though the Denver VOICE does follow the following guidelines: (note I put some parts in bold face type to make them more clear) - I only made a couple comments, since you posted it to look at,,

*       The Denver Voice reserves the right to do whatever we want.  We are
aware that on occasion this may offend somebody. ---> then, how can ya'll
have any problems with how the police behave towards those who are on the
streets? What, ya'll can start out ya'lls policy like this and expect that
no other entity can as well? Got some special privileges, do ya'?
*       The Denver Voice reserves the right to refuse or edit articles
which promote or encourage deleterious or harmful and oppressive
stereotypes of human behavior. ---> Likewise, what if the police showed it
in writing that they can "reserve the right to refuse service or apply
service according to whatever manner they deemed practical for the moment?
*       The Denver Voice seeks to represent the variety of opinion on
issues related to poverty and socially perceived injustice, with the hope
of stimulating dialogue and debate. In accepting pieces  which are critical
of individuals or particular civic or service organizations, the Denver
VOICE reserves the right to obtain a response from that individual or
group. ---> This, ya'll did do just that when ya'll stimulated my critical
response to ya'lls' "socially perceived injustice." Now, accept this: You
posted, I replied. Ya'll responded, and I waited for most everyone to have
their chance to respond, and now I am replying back to those responses.
Figure it out now, I am not going to continue pursuing this petty pathetic
argument. If ya' got problems dealing with issues, maybe, just maybe,
there's where to start dealing with your issues - inside the issue that's
giving ya's the problems.
*       Material will be edited for spelling and syntax error, unless
specific written request is made not to do so. Any other editing will be
done only with the writer's written approval of changes. If a writer does
not give the DV a way to contact them, this may result in the piece not
being used at all. Priority will be given to publishing the work of people
who have directly experienced being homeless.

Who we are:
*       The Denver Homeless Voice is a non-profit organization comprised of
members of the community who are homeless, formerly homeless and
*       We challenge society's myths about homelessness, and stereotypes
about people who are homeless.
*       We inspire activism which furthers the attainment of social and
economic justice.


Toledo Homeless - 

I am gay and homeless. Please don't cloud the issue?????????  I've never
been so OPPRESSED in my whole life as being the "only" gay man in a shelter
or mission!!!!! I wasn't "thrown out" into becoming homeless either because
I'm gay, but you CAN become homeless do to a person being gay in many
states due to housing discrimination in certain constitutions. Being gay
and homeless is the most neglected and ignored ISSUE in this nation. I
should also have the right to marry whoever I want and get tax breaks,
insurance benefits, and all benefits just like anyone else. This issue you
say isn't a homeless issue is tied very much to homeless issues as justice
must be served fairly to ALL.

> Toledo Homeless; the only thing you should be entitled to is the frequent flyer miles for trips around back of the outhouse for your daddy to whoop your ass for being so infidel.


  Thank you,

, greg james
  acting-General Manager,
  Homeless Media Project/
  Austin Homeless Advocate

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