[Hpn] I need your help!

Toledo Homeless toledohomeless@yahoo.com
Thu, 15 Nov 2001 13:10:56 -0800 (PST)

Dear HPN Members,

I'm a homeless journalist who completed a 2 month
investigative report (9,023 word article) for the
Toledo City Paper on the local homeless crisis here. I
know it would open a hornet's nest by them printing
it, but the editor and associate editor keeps putting
the article off. You would think that out of 9,023
words that they would have something to print for
their cover story they hired me for? I don't get paid
until it's published and the money would help me
empower myself again.

Please encourage them to print it ASAP. You can go to
their online message board and let them know how you
feel (they may be taking advantage of my
homelessness?)or ask why they're holding my article
back from the public. Contact them at
www.toledocitypaper.com. There's a message board link

By them printing the article, it will jump start
action to assist in emergency services for single
homeless men in this area. Contact me if you'd like a
copy of the article, which they've yet to fully edit.

Very Truely Yours,
Lair Scott

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