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Sixth person charged in murder of homeless woman
By Kathleen Burge, Globe Staff,

Five days after a group of people were charged with killing a 22-year-old
homeless woman and dumping her body into the Charles River, a sixth person
has been accused of participating in the murder.

Scott Davenport, 27, of Cambridge, a former security guard in downtown
Boston, pleaded not guilty to murder in Boston Municipal Court yesterday and
was held without bail. Davenport and three other men had already been
charged with kidnapping a young man the night of Nov. 3, shortly after the
murder victim, Io Nachtwey, was killed.

Those three men - Harold Parker, 27, of Mattapan; Luis Vasquez, 19, of
Lawrence; and his brother, Ismael Vasquez, who is 23 and homeless - were
charged with murder Friday. Two women - Ana White, 18, of Milton; and Lauren
Alleyne, 17, of Malden - were charged with being accessories to the murder.

Yesterday, prosecutors released the name of Nachtwey, who was from Hawaii
and had lived in Boston a few months, they said. Other than saying they had
received new evidence, they wouldn't specify why they waited to charge
Davenport when the others were charged Friday.

Prosecutors said the six killed Nachtwey after their scheme to induct 10 to
15 homeless young adults into a gang failed. The five had had a meeting at a
Braintree hotel, then dispatched the recruits to steal and rob, with
instructions to return with the valuables.

But when the recruits didn't follow through, the leaders decided to kill
Nachtwey, who they had kept with them in the hotel room, in retaliation,
prosecutors said. They allegedly stabbed and bludgeoned her the night of
Nov. 3 on a railroad bridge beneath the Boston University bridge, and rolled
her body into the Charles.

Witnesses called police later that night after they saw two men force a
third man into a car at the kiosk in Harvard Square. The kidnap victim was
later identified as Edward Assad, 18, formerly of Revere, a friend of

The witnesses had given police the license plate of the car that had sped
away on Massachusetts Avenue toward Porter Square. When police caught up to
the blue Mitsubishi near Porter Square, they found seven people inside: the
six later charged with Nachtwey's murder, and Assad, who was sitting on
Davenport's lap, according to a police report.

The car was registered to Davenport's father, Keith, a Middlesex probation
officer. Inside, police found a pair of nunchuks, a martial arts weapon, and
three knives, including one with bloodstains that was wrapped in a nylon
running top. They also found some heroin on Davenport, according to the
police report. 

Assad told police that he was terrified, and that he had been forced into
the car. ''They scooped me up,'' he told police. ''They said they had

He later told police that the men had taken him to Danehy Park in North
Cambridge and took $13.61 from his pockets. They told him they wanted him to
kill a friend, Antoine Jones; if he didn't, they said, they would kill him,
according to a police report.

Globe reporter Farah Stockman contributed to this report. Kathleen Burge can
be reached by e-mail at kburge@globe.com

This story ran on page B4 of the Boston Globe on 11/15/2001.
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