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by Becky Johnson 

November 11th, 2001

"The plan would be a win/win situation for the homeless campers and for the
environment. The taxpayers would benefit from it too."

Why is it so hard for environmentalists (not to mention others) to see "win/win
What follows is an email I had written earlier to one of the people behind Ecology
Fund. I also included my statistics for the land I've "saved"... out of a need
to show that a homeless/formerly homeless person can contribute towards saving
the environment.

"My EcologyFund 
Harmony Kieding's Donations:
35,159.8 sq. ft.
0.81 acres
0.32 hectares"

My email to Greg Hesterberg and his reply to me:

"From:   "Greg Hesterberg" <GregH@EcologyFund.com>    
To:   <Harmony@EcologyFund.net>  
Subject:   Re: "Eco-Human" project  
Date:   Thu, 29 Mar 2001 03:39:35 -0500  

My apologies for not responding to you earlier. Your proposal sounds great but
I'm afraid it is beyond what we can do here at EcologyFund. We feel we must
maintain our focus which is to fund the purchase and preservation of wilderness
lands. Many of the projects we support are in areas that are remote and not
suited to your proposal. In any case, I'm afraid the land costs and other costs
of your project would be prohibitive for us.

Thanks for thinking of us and good luck with your project.

Best Regards,

Greg Hesterberg
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Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2001 8:08 AM
Subject: "Eco-Human" project

Dear Tim and Greg,

I have just opened an email account at EcologyFund, and my first email 
is to you both.

These past few months I have been gathering a team for a new
"freedonation" project which I would like to see happen under the auspices of
CharityMall and EcologyFund. This project has a working title of "Eco-Human",
because it combines the need to save the environment with the need for a meaningful,
long-term solution to homelessness.

The way it would work would be to acquire land via free donations, and 
to then work with alternative architects like Khalili of CalEarth to build low-cost,
environmentally-friendly homes & communities for homeless people, disabled people,
elderly people, and whoever else has been severely impacted by the lack of affordable
The sustainable communities would have ecological gardens to raise their own
food, plus a work and craft center.

Additionally, they would have a computer/tech center to train people in
computer skills. Alternative sources of power would be used- in short,
everything possible to make a fully operational community in a way that 
will give back to the earth, not destroy it.

Einstein said that problems cannot be solved on the same level on which
they were created, and I think he's right. The environment need saving, 
and people all over the earth need shelter if they are to become part of the
solution. Are we to see more trees cut down to build them shelter? I surely
hope not!

I see this project as an ideal opportunity to manifest a ecologically
sustainable community.

There is one additional thing I should mention, and it is that Richard
Fletcher of WorldPeace_2000 and a UN Regional Coordinator, has asked me 
to speak on solutions for homelessness at an international meeting next year.
 All in all, this seems like an excellent opportunity for a "win" for all of
us- the environment, the homeless all over the world, EcologyFund and Charity
Mall, and me and my team-mates.

I will gladly provide any further information and details you may require.

 Warm regards,

 Harmony Kieding


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