[Hpn] Petition to stop Fed Gov from banning gay marriages

Toledo Homeless toledohomeless@yahoo.com
Tue, 13 Nov 2001 15:39:25 -0800 (PST)

Thanx Bill for your comments on this. The "subculture"
of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (GLBT) is not
widely known, but the National Coalition for the
Homeless in NYC certainly does recognise us, which was
wonderful for me while I was homeless in NYC last
I'm at the beginning of writing a book on subject
matters surrounding homeless GLBT communities. I hope
to finish this Spring with it. 
I just finished writing about the neglected and
igmored homeless dilemma here in Toledo, Ohio and
added a section in my report on the GLBT homeless
issue here. It will be published in the Toledo City
Paper soon. I'll share it with everyone when it comes
As a homeless journalist and lead singer for STARDUST
* The David Bowie Tribute Band, I'll have much to say
in my book, which I'm sure will have a happy ending. I
was a shamed to tell my fans I've been homeless, but
now I'm not.
Lair Scott (Ziggy 2000)

--- Bill <blue-eyes@buddhist.com> wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Nov 2001 23:13:23 -0600, you wrote:
> >"no."
> >
> >And I'd like to ask; Why is the Denver Voice being
> so supportive of "The
> >Homosexual/Gay Agenda?"
> >
> >Is the Denver Voice a "Homeless(ness)" street paper
> or a "Homosexual/Gay
> >Agenda" rag?
> >
> >I went to that linked website and all I saw was the
> opportunity to be in
> >agreement with the petition. Where was the
> opportunity to DISAGREE to this
> >outrageousness?
> >
> >Denver Voice, personally, I think you're out of
> touch with reality. Even if
> >ya'll want to tout that homosexuals need to find
> support from society in
> >order to curb people to falling into homelessness,
> still, it is that kind
> >of fimicolated diatribe that wrongfully influences
> people to even consider
> >being a pervert.
> >
> >To ask for constitutional acceptance of perversion
> is equivalent to asking
> >for constitutional acceptance of murder, rape,
> stealing, deception, and
> >any/every other crime.
> >
> >I believe that many many more people will agree as
> I do.
> >
> >And as for a side note, I do recognize that many
> people are kicked out of
> >their homes or rejected by their families as a
> result of "coming out of
> >their closets" about wanting to be perverted in
> their thinking and
> >consequentially in their conduct and behavior, but
> homelessness is not
> >about whether a person is found sleeping outside
> merely because of what
> >they believe. Homelessness is about anybody being
> found sleeping outside
> >merely for want of affordable and reasonable
> accommodations. Whether a
> >person is or has been a criminal, a pervert, a
> liar, a cheat, or whatever;
> >every person has an inherent right to affordable
> and reasonable
> >accommodations. Please, do not to cloud the issue
> about homelessness.
> >
> >
> > greg james
> > acting-General Manager,
> > Homeless Media Project/
> > Austin Homeless Advocate
> What most disturbs me about your post is not your
> apparent homophobia,
> after all, everybody is entitled to an opinion,
> however wrong it may
> be.
> The most disturbing aspect is that you sign it as
> Acting General
> Manager of a project for homeless people, and that
> gives me the idea
> that since you discriminate against one group of
> people which belong
> to the group "homeless" for which you claim to be an
> advocate, there
> is a risk that you will do this to other groups
> whose behaviour you
> find "abhorrent".
> In my work I come across many people whose behaviour
> is totally
> abhorrent; many have spent time in prison as a
> result of it. I can
> reject their behaviour as an individual but I do not
> have the right to
> reject it as an employee of a homeless care
> organisation. Nor do you.
> Maybe *you* should find other work.
> I'm sure the homeless of Austin sleep easily knowing
> they have
> tolerant, understanding and caring people like you
> acting as their
> "advocate".
> As for being out of touch with reality, you're
> talking about
> approximately 10% of the world's population, so
> whether ya'll like it
> or not, they ain't going anywhere, bro, so learn to
> live with it.
> Bill Crompton
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