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Tuesday, November 13, 2001
St. Louis Post Dispatch <http://www.stltoday.com>
[St. Louis, Missouri]
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Housing needs here outstrip available aid, agencies say
Of the Post-Dispatch
11/12/2001 08:35 PM

For Sarah Jackson, the Housing Resource Center, which has provided more than 
$800 to help keep a roof over her head, is a lifesaver. For Yvette Scales, 
the St. Louis center, which rejected her request, is a disappointment.

The center's officials point to success stories like Jackson over the last 
decade. But they fear that as companies lay off workers, there will be more 
and more cases like Scales - those in need of housing who will go unserved 
as agencies like the Housing Resource Center, strapped for cash, can't help 

Agencies across the region report increased requests for help but say their 
ability to meet those requests hasn't increased.

Last month, the Housing Resource Center received 1,500 requests for 
assistance - a 10 percent increase over the same month last year, officials 
there said. Last year, only about one in five of 10,000 assistance requests 
were granted.

The St. Patrick Center, which rents space to the Housing Resources Center 
downtown, has also noticed a dramatic increase for assistance. Requests for 
daily hot meals are up 50 percent, said Kim LaSalle, a spokeswoman at the 

At the St. Louis Housing Authority, there is now a two-year wait for Section 
8 federal housing vouchers. The Housing Authority has temporarily stopped 
accepting applications for the program.

At the same time, there is a three-month wait to get into older public 
housing developments like Clinton-Peabody. Newer developments, like Murphy 
Park, have stopped taking new resident applications because they have a 
three-year wait, officials said.

The grim news comes as agencies mark National Homeless Month in November.

"I don't think people realize the extent of the housing problem in the 
community," said Katrina Knight, executive director of the Housing Resource 
Center, a program started by Catholic Charities in 1990. "There are 
thousands of working families. But they can't make it work."

Edward Pattin, 41, had little savings when he was laid off as a computer 
analyst for a consulting firm in August. Now, he is waiting to receive about 
$600 worth of assistance from the Resource Center.

"I am behind in my rent, child support and telephone bills," said Pattin, of 
St. Louis. "I am basically behind in everything. My gas has been cut off. I 
have two electric heaters. It has been pretty rough."

Resource Center officials say they believe they can help Pattin, but it is 
tough. Last year, the agency, which receives both public and private 
funding, received only $120,000 to help families in St. Louis and St. Louis 
County. The center typically steers homeless families to about 528 beds at 
roughly 17 shelters in the city and county, officials said.

Often the sites are close to being filled, officials said.

Scales, who was recently rejected by the Resource Center, is living in a 
crowded St. Louis apartment with relatives. Scales and her two children -- 9 
and 14 - all sleep together in a bed in a living room.

Scales said she moved in with a relative when she lost her job as a medical 
biller. She said she lost that job in September after she was out of work 
for several weeks because of an auto accident in which she dislocated her 
hip and broke a foot and leg.

"I'm going to need therapy to learn how to walk again," Scales said.

But Jackson credits the center with helping her keep a home for herself and 
her 23-month-old toddler. Jackson, who has received more than $800 in rent 
assistance, works part-time as a claims analyst so she can spend more time 
with her child, who underwent a tracheotomy because of breathing problems.

"If I didn't get help, I would have to go back to work full-time and instead 
of spending time with my daughter while she is getting medical assistance," 
Jackson said.

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