[Hpn] Petition to stop Fed Gov from banning gay marriages

Graeme Bacque gbacque@netzero.net
Tue, 13 Nov 2001 03:44:47 -0500

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I think this list needs to develop a policy for dealing with homophobia and 
other similar expressions of  hatred.

Until this happens, I'm requesting as an individual that you take your 
hurtful, unreasoning bias someplace else.


At 11:13 PM 11/12/01 -0600, greg james wrote:

>And I'd like to ask; Why is the Denver Voice being so supportive of "The
>Homosexual/Gay Agenda?"
>Is the Denver Voice a "Homeless(ness)" street paper or a "Homosexual/Gay
>Agenda" rag?
>I went to that linked website and all I saw was the opportunity to be in
>agreement with the petition. Where was the opportunity to DISAGREE to this
>Denver Voice, personally, I think you're out of touch with reality. Even if
>ya'll want to tout that homosexuals need to find support from society in
>order to curb people to falling into homelessness, still, it is that kind
>of fimicolated diatribe that wrongfully influences people to even consider
>being a pervert.
>To ask for constitutional acceptance of perversion is equivalent to asking
>for constitutional acceptance of murder, rape, stealing, deception, and
>any/every other crime.
>I believe that many many more people will agree as I do.
>And as for a side note, I do recognize that many people are kicked out of
>their homes or rejected by their families as a result of "coming out of
>their closets" about wanting to be perverted in their thinking and
>consequentially in their conduct and behavior, but homelessness is not
>about whether a person is found sleeping outside merely because of what
>they believe. Homelessness is about anybody being found sleeping outside
>merely for want of affordable and reasonable accommodations. Whether a
>person is or has been a criminal, a pervert, a liar, a cheat, or whatever;
>every person has an inherent right to affordable and reasonable
>accommodations. Please, do not to cloud the issue about homelessness.
>Denver Voice wrote:
> >
> > Dear friends:
> >
> > Please visit this website and register your opinion on this disturbing
> > attempt to quickly push through an anti-gay marriage/domestic union
> > Constitutional amendment!
>   Thank you,
>, greg james
>   acting-General Manager,
>   Homeless Media Project/
>   Austin Homeless Advocate
>& i thawt that for each thawt too many words were not cawt
>& i cawt that thawt and i sawt then to be uncawt by what they sawt
>  g.m.j.

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