[Hpn] Petition to stop Fed Gov from banning gay marriages

Denver Voice denvervoice@netherworld.com
Mon, 12 Nov 2001 15:04:11 -0700

Dear friends:

Please visit this website and register your opinion on this disturbing
attempt to quickly push through an anti-gay marriage/domestic union
Constitutional amendment! It will only take you a minute (no copy and
paste required).



Subject:  Constitutional Amendment

There is a Constitutional Amendment being proposed that will ultimately
homosexual marriages/civil unions and possibly domestic partner benefits
the future. It is being pushed through Congress quickly so as to make as

little noise as possible...there's so much else in the news right now...

Short and to the point: If you agree that gays and lesbians are NOT
class citizens and SHOULD be allowed the same rights as all men and
including marriage/civil unions, then please go to this site and sign
petition in order to make your opinion known:


This petition is organized and simple, (it's not an "add your name to
bottom and forward" kind of thing). Go to the site itself in order to
the petition. And please pass this along to your friends and family (gay
straight allies) so that we can all, together, convey the message that
Constitution is about human rights, not just religious rights.

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