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We are interconnected, Bill, but separately and independently, as it should 
be. I believe our effectiveness and strength is in our individuality, 
diversity and freedom, to express our personal views without regard for 
unity, conformity, political correctness or agreement.

This is what structured organizations (incorporated and unincorporated 
agencies, etc.) lack, freedom of expression. Their heads are often the only 
ones permitted, to speak for or on behalf of these "charities," as they 
exploit and suppress the thoughts, feelings and ideas of their  

We don't need that line of thinking or expression, in our online 
homelesswork where free and independent expression is paramount. It's always 
good, to share particular messages on each other's lists, but I'm not sure 
what more we can do, to more productively help the homeless via the 

The more we conform, the less we help, in my opinionation. Viva la 
difference! rubenergy


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Elijah H,Ruben B,Dee S,Tom B,Tom C,and Cindy,
I believe that we must all be interconnected so we can be able to help one 
another to find a temporary shelter,food,medical and permanent housing for 
the involuntarily homeless.
This has worked when Ruben sent out different requests for help for people 
and we all helped find the parties a place.As we had a man in Arcadia Ca. 
get in touch with us and Homelessworld assisted him.
The system does work at times,we got a 23 year old PWD disabled mother in a 
wheel chair Concord NH whom is getting lots of attention from state 
representatives as well as homeless and housing advocates ..And hopefully 
some one can get her the handicapped accessible apartment she wants/needs  
before she is injured in the inaccessible non handicapped one that they put 
her in 1 1/2 years ago.
I think Elijah's  idea is worth while,I believe we have all  mentioned it 
before in past posts we do need it to be manned with a live volunteer body 
24/7... because if we wait for our "SAVIORS" to show up we all will starve 
or die on the streets.
Perhaps if we do this we can cut out some of the "POVERTY PIMPS OFF FROM 
THEIR CLAIMS OF HELPING US" get the leechs/fund sucking vampires out of our 
homeless programs.
A Brother In Peace And In Strife
New Hampshire Homeless
25 Granite Street
Northfield,N.H. 03276 USA
Advocate,activist for displaced,disabled,and human rights.
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   Homelessworld* ****************************************************
   You asked ruben to e-mail you directly, if he had an ideas on organizing 
the homeless. I am presently working on an active serverpages site which has 
(if you don't already know about asp) database connectivity..

   I probably wouldn't be wasting my time on it, if it weren't for the fact 
that  any 'non-profit' worth its' salt, is hidden among all of the 'poverty 
pimp programs'.

   My belief is, the way to help the 'ineed' is to start assisting them with 
an earned income. Not 'jobs', but cottage industries, and 'employee' owned 
and operated 'co-operatives'. This can get started simply by helping with 
garages, or other 'work - storage space' . Then they can do things like, 
building bicycle trailors, for dumpster-diving (there are millions of 
dollars worth of resources that go to most landfills each week)then things 
can be yard saled, fleemarketed, soon we could have our own stores. We could 
also build specialty trailors, which could carry lawn mowers, and (or) other 
tools, allowing us to go through the neighborhoods, to do work(this could 
get more jobs than the guy with the truck gets as we would be travelling at 
a pace slow enough for interacting with the folk in their yards).

   We have a lot of talents among us, and we need spaces to come together 
for development of the talents. We need 24 hour computer accessabiity so we 
can develope our networking, etc..  We need a  movement to get the tools to 
apply our talents. And ways developed to showcase and market the talents.

   We need to co-ordinate with each other not just locally or nationally, 
but globally.

   It is known by everyone with the slightest bit of intellegience, that 
have their eyes open, that the main impact of all but a handfull of 
non-profits, is the spending, and using of resources, for the puposes of 
making their organizations big and strong, if the monies that went to them 
to help the needy, the needy would be rich.

   We need to invest in each other and let it be known, that we don't want 
the pity, that the organizations play with, in order to get more donations 
for themselves, in our name, and in so doing maintaining us as objects of 
charity, and drains on resources. Rather we need to be recog nized as 
natural resources, in ourselves, which can be organized, developed, and 
applied. Not for the purpose of building other non-profits that take the 
bulk of what is donated, and makes itself strong. But rather ones that uses 
what it gets build us up, then through that strength we can contribute back 
into the orgs that work to give them strength

   It is for the above reasons, and more that I am studieng server side 
programming inorder to build a framework of databases which can be used to 
network, talents, materials, ideas, events, properties, etc. etc. etc..

   I hope that someday it won't be just me working on it, that it will be 


   "America, love it or make it better"

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   Ruben, your sentiments seem to be the same as mine, scary as that is.
   However, I am writing a paper on the social movement of poor people.
   Mainly welfare reform because that was what was assigned. But I can't
   help but to my own views into the paper. which is not allowed. Though I
   could include quotes from others who share the same view. Would you allow 
me to use your quote.email me directly with any other fodder you have on the 
idea of how poor people can organize.

   "The poor were defeated long before we even started. We are nothing more

   cheap labor and cannon fodder for rich men's wars, as it has been
   history, while the upper classes pay sanctimonious lip service, to our
   humanity for their own self-serving gains."- ruben

   Basically I think that poor people cant really organize per say, because

   whatever group is formed to target the problems at issue become poverty
   pimps sucking more money away from the poor. What we need is a
   cataclysmic event that would shake the status quo to its very foundation.
   Then those who had spoiled themselves on the fat of the land will be
   looking to those of us who are scavangers of goods and services.
   The balance of power will be overthrown, ahh one can dream..

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