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 Hi Peacewriter, sorry to read about the egging of your place. It is a surprisingly annoying though minor nuisance. I find vinegar and water an "eggcellent" cleaner. Though that purple cleaner made by Casrol works well too (No, no appology for the pun!)
 The difference between the egging and the towers starts with that local officers don't take eggings all that seriously. Also the attackers left a trail of clues in now abandoned cars with al sorts of information. This was so heavy handed a goof as to necessarily look suspicious. In the end I can only conclude that it was deliberate on their part. Partially as a brag but also to encourage others not to back out. All the leaders knew that the authorities would have their names in a day or two and would be paying a visit to all contacts and names listed.
  As for the buildings pancaking the way they did that was part of the original design. It is an easy thing for an architect to explain. The romans knew how to do this it isn:t that hard. True it had becer been tested to this degree before but be glad the Empire State Building is designed to do almost as well -materials have changed much in the last half-century. Out here in Ca. most tall new buildings are built to higher standards than the towers were.
 Also they went through all the floors for the same reason the karate chop can break all the bricks. Because surprisingly you are breaking one brick at a time!
Each floor was hit by the accellerating mass of each and every floor above it. While they could HOLD that weigh applied physics shows you this is much different than having that weight (all the floors above) hitting at the foot per second squared speed falling on it. Static weights are a whole different set of equations.
  The way a cut tree and the towers fell are different because of physic not desite. They were designed to implode during a catastrophic failure. They fall inward first. A tree despite it being cut down is not a "catastrohhic' failure (well ok to the tree and it's inhabitants sure) becase it is still intact for the most part. Besides a tree is cut to make it fall over. The cut is a modified wedge shape. A woodsman knows how to make a tree fall where he wants. The desiners of the towers had to design it to implode if it failed as a tall building of say 100 storeys falling on it's side would not lay 100 storeys long on the ground but in breaking up from harmonic vibrations in toppling would cover maybe 160 storeys along the ground. Even in Manhattan in the sixties when they were being built that was an estimated death toll of about a million.
 That is why you don't design buildings that fall over, large ones anyway.
 Think about it.
 Could have been worse. 
 Lumberjacks fell trees based on their stucture. Skyscrapers fall according to their structure.
 Ever cut an old Elm that has gone hollow inside! The bastard doesn't fall like a young maple that is live and solid all the way through. Been there, done that, nearly got flattened by it! It didn't fall but broke up and went all over the place. I HATE 200 year old Elms! Then again out here they drive large holes through living Sequoias and let you drive through 'em. Different structure, different results.
  Zen hugs, Joe 
P.S. ~ My beloved (sic) computer with Windows Me operating system is acting out again.It won't finish loading Windows and won't start up. It gets to where the task bar shows but the System tray only shows my anti virus, the sound icon,the fire wall and the time. The cursor has the hourglss next to it and it stays that way. Anyone have any sugestions? BTW it is a compaq. And yes I did pour a libation to Dambalah and Fiorello La Guardia. (Wiccans out here are weird) Ok. I drank the offering. Hey it was Brandy dammit! If it won't spoil in a god's mouth it won't suffer in mine alrighty! 
  Ditto ~ me

On Sat, 10 Nov 2001 Peacewriter wrote:
> I have been somewhat courious as to why we are bombing Afghanistan seeing
> that the mad men were not of Afghanistan but were from Saudi Arabia. Also
> knowing that the Bin Ladens are not from Afghanistan but from Saudi Arabia.
> Now I have eggs nightly being thrown at my house. The police come out to
> investigate. Since the authorities can not tell who is throwing the eggs
> after a few weeks how can they so quickly know the right answer in just a
> few hours after the jets crashed into the towers?
> Another thing I do not understand is how the towers went down that way.
> Unless it was planed and set ahead of time like a demolition, and even that
> is very tricky to do, it would have been impossible to have fallen straight
> down that way.
> It also would not have gone all the way but toppled and left the bottom half
> standing. This would have been a one in a billion shot.
> So my next question is thinking it strange that it not only happened once
> but it happened twice. At the same time?
> Ask any lumberjack about the posibility of a tower going down hit the way it
> was by a plane. Ask someone knowledgeable with physics. It simply is not
> really possible.
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> > Saw the prez speechify the other night. Great if you want pep rallies, I
> guess but though it was strong rhetorically I thought it about 3 weeks too
> late and devoid of real details. Then again while many are worried about
> being cut-back or laid-off he did tell us the cure was to go out and consume
> and expand our debt! Wonder if he has ever had to balance a check book?
> >  Meanwhile the "alliance" has seemed to finally made some headway. Then
> again some of these warlords defect on a semi-regular basis according to who
> they judge to be top dog this month... And the Taliban has barely been a
> gov"t to start with. More and more Afghanistan reminds me of Cambodia under
> the Khmer Rouge. (This year I'm thinking of sending the kids to reeducation
> camp for the summer.)Wait didn't we back them against the Vietnamese?
> >  Oh dear.
> >  And is there any surprise about problems with all that money contributed
> to the Red Cross et al? I mean they do such a wonderful job on the homeless
> and other poor locally. Is your food bank hurting too? Is the sky up?
> >  I love that the guy who told Gore that he teusts the gov't too much asked
> us to trust him completely ~ now that he is the gov't...
> >  Meanwhile "America" seems to have forgotten us again. Great uniter my
> netherparts!
> >   Zen hugs, Joe
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