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Joseph Reynolds reynolds@webmail.pe.net
Sat, 10 Nov 2001 13:06:49 0

 Saw the prez speechify the other night. Great if you want pep rallies, I guess but though it was strong rhetorically I thought it about 3 weeks too late and devoid of real details. Then again while many are worried about being cut-back or laid-off he did tell us the cure was to go out and consume and expand our debt! Wonder if he has ever had to balance a check book? 
 Meanwhile the "alliance" has seemed to finally made some headway. Then again some of these warlords defect on a semi-regular basis according to who they judge to be top dog this month... And the Taliban has barely been a gov"t to start with. More and more Afghanistan reminds me of Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. (This year I'm thinking of sending the kids to reeducation camp for the summer.)Wait didn't we back them against the Vietnamese?
 Oh dear.
 And is there any surprise about problems with all that money contributed to the Red Cross et al? I mean they do such a wonderful job on the homeless and other poor locally. Is your food bank hurting too? Is the sky up?
 I love that the guy who told Gore that he teusts the gov't too much asked us to trust him completely ~ now that he is the gov't...
 Meanwhile "America" seems to have forgotten us again. Great uniter my netherparts!
  Zen hugs, Joe