[Hpn] Gimme Shelter

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Fri, 9 Nov 2001 23:21:30 -0500

 From:Cindy Carlson under_the_bridgeproject@juno.com 
 Thanks Cindy for this information!
 A Brother
 We Just came back from Capital building in Concord NH. It's pretty cold
  out there. Gimme Shelter is a sleep out on the state house steps to
  create media and public awareness of the growing hoimeless population.
  And Under The Bridge helped organize with AFSC. Under The Bridge members
  Loree, Cindy and April spoke about their experiences with homelessness
  and Jamie filmed for Manchester community access TV.
  The group was really small this year, mostly a group of nurses from one
  of the hospitals and student nurses who wanted to find out about the
  "culture" of the homeless and some younger students from American Friends
  Service Committee. I am sure there were a few things that contributed to
  the small turnout a crows of lass that 30. Its cold outside. (As if the
  homeless dont sleep in the cold) Theres a lot of apathy out there.
  There were many homeless and formerly people that were there or stopped
  Randy G, Mark, and Chief stopped by. on their way to the camp to get
  warm. Ray aka Razor stayed and told his story to the gathering talking
  about how hard it is to live outside: no one will hire you without an
  address and you cant get an address without a job.
  Loree spoke about how she was homeless 7 years ago and is now fighting
  her landlord over an eviction, because he doesnt want to take her section
  8 anymore. 
  Beth stopped by and talked about her boyfriend that died in a tent fire
  many years ago, but not forgotten.
  April, who is currently homeless couldnt get up the nerve to go to the
  microphone but stated later that she felt very angry being there. 
  Jodi wright who is on the board of NCH spoke about her experiences with
  her human family and how can we continue to treat anyone in the manner
  that the homeless are treated.
  George S. and his girlfriend Donna stopped by and spoke, they live in
  their van in Conway.
  And me, I ran my mouth a lot, because thats what I do, Not only do I have
  my own story to tell but UTB collects many stories and we share them.
  UTB was invited to Rivera College and details will be set later.
  Gimme Shelter is no more. We decided that if poeple dont want to help, or
  come or help support those who do come then there is no point in trying
  to do it again.  
  There was not one person representing the NH Coalition to End
  Homelessness, other than me, And I went there as Under The Bridge- not
  the Coaltion.  There was no one there from any agency that is supposed to
  be helping the homeless. 
  What does that say, its not in poor planning, they all knew about it.
  Martha AFSC thinks we will do Homeless Memorial Day on Dec. 21st. We will
  be out there even if the group is small because we have had too many
  homeless deaths and I,' tired of reading the names, but we will be there,
  will you?