[Hpn] We campers face ....

wtinker wtinker@metrocast.net
Fri, 9 Nov 2001 20:14:41 -0500

Camp Paradise
I am but the founder and only one member of NH Homeless, but I believe I can
safely say
that we are supportive of your encampment and  you have gained the respect
of the international / national worlds homeless and human rights community
I say "GOD BLESS CAMP PARADISE".... You have inspired brothers and sisters
and brought  nothing but pride, dignity, and respect back to all of us whom
been down trod for so long if there is any real compassion,and patriotic
feelings left in
Santa Cruz they must realize that you have done more as a community than
their whole city council
has done in a decade!
A Brother In Peace And In Strife
Bill Tinker
From: "Carl Wilson" <rudio@cruzio.com>
We campers face ....

To:  Friends of Camp Paradise
FM: Kris F, on behalf of Camp Paradise
Dt:   9 Nov 01

 We campers face this upcoming City Council meeting with some apprehension.
 What does it mean that Camp Paradise is not on the agenda?  What is going
 happen to our home as a consequence?  Now that the armory is officially due
 to open for the homeless  on  Thursday, Nov. 15, will the police be
 at camp the following morning to shut us down for good?  Are we doomed "for
 real" this time?  Who has the answers?  Where will we go?

 We have stood behind Larry with pride and dignity and held this ground a
 good long while now, but we've done so only with your support, your ideas
 and your experience mixed with ours.  Now that the siege may truly be upon
 us, please don't abandon us.  Instead, bring the myriad of tools you've
 offered us before and join with us to illuminate the way through this
 darkness that has fallen.  We cannot see past Tuesday night and we are
 afraid.  Please..bring your knowledge, your wisdom, your experience,
 yourselves!  Help us feel not so angry, not so frightened, not so alone.

 Come to camp.  If you cannot, then please take a few minutes to e-mail us
 through Carl Wilson.  Sunday, services are from 12:00 to 1:00 as usual.
 Please come then, or after, to visit, perhaps to create an ad hoc meeting
 just to chat with the campers.  Check out our Christmas lights and Larry's
 ideas for a Christmas toy drive for homeless kids.  It would mean a great
 deal to us.

 Also, Camp Paradise camping ticket defendants go on trial Monday, November
 19th, Dept. 1.

 Postscript by Carl Wilson: If you are willing to engage in or support civil
 disobedience in case the camp is busted will you please respond to this
 email saying so.