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 healing as a nation will come when we treat others as we treat ourselves.
the propaganda machine is working well. geo bush I as head of the cia was a
terrorist, as president a terrorist, and his son carries out his orders. let
us get the bushies to pay for their crimes. free the third world from
oppression and ignorance.
education not bombs.
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> >Named in the Memory of....
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> >A Project to heal a nation from the events of September 11th
> >
> >by Rabbi Chayim Levin
> >November 8th (my birthday) 2001\\ Heshvan 23,5762
> >According to Jewish tradition when a person dies a member of that family
> >names a new born baby after the person who has died. When my mother was 8
> >months pregnant with me, two friends of my parents, a man and his wife,
> >were walking by a nursing home when it caught on fire.  This man, Chayim
> >Rotowsky
> >did not hesitate to plunge in and rescue as many men and women as he
> >While he was in the building, the roof collapsed and he and his wife
> >perished.  My parents were so inspired by his courage and his
> >self-less-ness, and realizing that he had left behind no children,
> >to honor his memory by naming me Chayim, which in Hebrew means "Life".
> >
> >Wouldn't it be wonderful if we made a list of all those who perished on
> >September 11th, and all around our nation, families named their children
> >after
> >someone who died there.  We are all still in mourning as a nation.  To
> >will take a long time.
> >This is one more way that this healing can be accomplished.
> >
> >
> >
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