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Youthactivism@aol.com Youthactivism@aol.com
Fri, 9 Nov 2001 02:16:02 EST

Hi, you asked us to let you know when Global Uprising: Confronting the 
Tyrannies of the 21st Century - Stories from aa New Generation of Activist  
is finally available. You can purchase the book online and look at many 
photos and excerpts from stories--- www.globaluprising.net  - If you buy the 
book online, the money, after expenses, goes to the nonprofit to support 
projects for youth activists. You can also read new stories submitted by the 
contributors since 9/11 and submit your own stories or essays. There's a lot 
there. Please sign up on the email list and we'll send you information from 
time to time specific to your activism. And please let us know you were there 
by sending us an email to say hi. If we can support your project or 
organization on the site, please also let us know how.
linda and neva
PS - check the site in the next few months for book readings with activists 
from the book, from your local area. 


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"the monuments which
 neoliberalism erects are
 nothing but future ruins."
   - Subcomandante Marcos