[Hpn] Vigil endangered; canaries still live (but barely)

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Tue, 6 Nov 2001 02:25:12 -0800

"and both Rudy and Concepcion are under
constant surveillance and threats during the wee hours.  This is a
new development, since the bombing started in Afghanistan.  We
haven't had this kind of harassment since the Gulf War"

Here is some further news of other instances of harassment- just thought all
should be informed and know- 


"The Big Brother Files #9: The Orwellian Time Has Begun --- Webposted at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/BigBrother9.htm

"When speaking out against US war policies is ground for public harassment,
it shows just how much this government is afraid of losing public support for
its new illegal war. The denial of boarding an airplane roughly served to Green
Party USA Coordinator last Friday in Bangor (see below) is perhaps the first
sign of more such abuses to come. It could also be a most goofy decision that
will cost them the very public support they hope to preserve.
Only time will tell."

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

Also see:
wartimeliberty.com|Military Bars Green Party Leader from flying

Here is the statement she and others had written:
Just and Positive Alternatives:
Green Party USA Statement on the Disasters 

and here is one Philadelphian Man's experience from carrying the "wrong" book
at the "wrong" time:

politechbot.com:Phila.man hassled,detained, barred from flight because of book


(also at this url address)

"Novel Security Measures

   A local man was kept off a recent flight because of a book he was
   by Gwen Shaffer
   Everyone knows it is a bad idea to try and board a plane carrying a
   box cutter, a flight manual written in Arabic, or a sack full of
   mysterious white powder. But with ultra-tightened airport security, a
   book could also prevent you from boarding that plane.
   No kidding. It happened just last week in Philadelphia.
   Neil Godfrey arrived at Philadelphia International Airport around 9:30
   a.m. on Wed., Oct. 10. His brother's girlfriend dropped him off with
   plenty of time to spare before his 11:40 a.m. United Airlines flight.
   Godfrey was on his way to Phoenix, where his father lives. From there,
   the family was planning to head out for a vacation at Disneyland.
   It is fair to say that Godfrey -- brother of City Paper webmaster Ryan
   Godfrey -- doesn't look unusual for a 22-year-old kid living in Center
   His outfit that day was typical: black Dockers, a T-shirt with a logo
   for the now-defunct Phoenix Gazette newspaper and New Balance running
   shoes. He has a medium build, recently dyed jet-black hair and a quiet
   When Godfrey stepped up to the ticket counter, the United clerk
   informed him he had been selected for a random baggage search.
   "No problem," he replied, going through the usual motions of checking
   his bag and getting a boarding pass. Now toting nothing but a novel
   and the most recent copy of The Nation magazine, Godfrey hiked through
   the concourse toward his boarding gate.
   As he passed through the metal detector, an airport security guard
   furrowed his brow at Godfrey's reading selections as they disappeared
   through the conveyor belt.
   On the cover of the book, Hayduke Lives! by Edward Abbey, is an
   illustration of a man's hand holding several sticks of dynamite. The
   1991 novel is about a radical environmentalist, George Washington
   Hayduke III, who blows up bridges, burns tractors and sabotages other
   projects he believes are destroying the beautiful Southwest landscape.
   "For the first time, it occurred to me the book may be a problem,"
   Godfrey recalls.
   He proceeded through the security checkpoint and sat down to read near
   his boarding gate. About 10 minutes had passed when a National
   Guardsman approached Godfrey.

   [...] (rest of article at 

Harmony- it gets more absurd- even "Harry Potter" falls under suspicion)

"It is seldom that any liberty is lost all at once."
~ David Hume 

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
-George Orwell 


>Ellen (et in dc)
>workin' on the Peace House
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