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Subject: PROTEST In Santa Cruz CA at Emily's Bakery Friday 8:30AM - 10:30AM


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Protest at Emily's Bakery to Continue Friday, November 2, 2001 8:30 AM -

Santa Cruz, Ca. -- Following three days of protest, organizers have
scheduled a picket for this coming Friday.  Emily  Reilly, owner of Emily's
Bakery at 1129 Mission St. (at Laurel  St.), is being held accountable for
two recent votes that have the combined effect of displacing an estimated
80 homeless people from their marginal locations.

In September, on Reilly's motion, the City voted to install 5AM -7AM 7-day
a week "NO PARKING" signs on two streets in the weedy, dusty industrial
section of the City of Santa Cruz.  Reilly called this a "wonderful
compromise" despite the fact that the vehicularly-housed people were never

The motion passed 4-2 with Councilmember Scott Kennedy absent. Christopher
Krohn and Keith Sugar voted against the motion.

In October, on Reilly's motion, the council voted to "direct staff to
enforce infractions in the riverbed as soon as possible." The motion
carried on a 4-3 vote with councilmembers Kennedy, Krohn, and Primack
voting against the motion.

The motion was especially harmful for the residents of Camp Paradise, who
are working hard with two non-profits in an effort to find an alternate
location for their camp.   Environmentalists say the camp has a negative
impact on the river, despite the  huge effort the camp has made to remove
years of neglected trash  build-up.

Emily Reilly has not commented publically on her two recent anti-homeless
motions, nor has she returned phone calls of several people who called to
ask her about her votes.

Rabbi Chayim Levin, one of the protests organizers said "This  is not a
boycott.  We are encouraging all of Emily's customers to continue to buy
their bread and cookies from her.  We have no problem with her making a
living.  But while you are making your purchases, ask Emily why she voted
the way she did."

On Tuesday, police officers accused a small group of people conferring on
the public sidewalk in front of the bakery of obstructing the sidewalk,
despite the fact that no one was denied the ability to pass by.  The SCPD
Officer Kuipers directed three students, a reporter from the Goodtimes, and
homeless activist,  Robert Norse off of the public sidewalk and onto the
private property of the bakery.  He said "What I need for you guys to do is
quit bothering these folks."

The five people complied and explained that they were only having a private
conversation, not bothering anyone or blocking anyone.  When the officer
left, Emily's bakery manager, Paul Henry, came out and ordered them off the
Bakery property.

Supporters are asked to contact Emily  Reilly and urge her to retract her
two votes.  They are seeking for her to place on the City Council agenda an
item requesting the removal of the NO PARKING signs in Harvey West
Industrial Park, and instead, the placement of a porto-potty and a dumpster
in the area.   She is also asked to place an item on the agenda to suspend
ticketing under the camping ordinance during the current shelter
emergency.  She can be contacted at City Hall at (831)420-5020 or by e-mail
at Attn: "Emily Reilly" at <citycouncil@ci.santa-cruz.ca>

For more information:  contact Chayim Levin at  429-8529  or by e-mail at


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