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Thu, 01 Nov 2001 12:58:36 -0800

A special urban river issue has been posted and is available at:


Also send a card to a friend from the new Canal Park in Hollidaysburg, PA or
the AIDs Memorial Grove in San Francisco's Golden Gate


Read about one of America's great river stories


Enjoy these editorials from our editors:

Time, An Efficient Machine, and the Mobility of Modernity
These are the tools of an information economy: phones, the internet and
laptop. I need these things  to participate in a knowledge-based work
environment, but do I need a city?


Rhapsody in Gray
Keep your vacant suburbs and your dusty crossroads diners if you wantŠbut if
what you want is community, it happens only through our
faces, voices, hands, and hearts, and for that you need the mixed-up
unpredictable proximities of city life.


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