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Subject: PoorNewsNetwork this week!!!

Dear Friends, subscribers and folk, on this week on

***Gentrification under the veneer of revitalization
In 2002, 267 families who have bathed in the golden rays
sprinkled lavishly from the illustrious sun will be relocated to
other parts of the city of San Francisco ...
By Kaponda

**Keep the Poor Poor, PT 3..Kiss My Assets!!
The Insiders' Instruction Manual.
By PNN Texas Correspondent, Donna Anderson

**Hellthcare Pt 2....Healthcare
Low-income patient chronicles her experiences with private
non-profit hospitals in San Francisco- and Charity Care
ordinance IS PASSED by The Board of Supes Health Committee!!!
By Lisa Gray-Garcia

**Faith based Bonanza
Will the homeless have to pray for their supper?
By Bill Berkowitz

**The Quiet Storm
Abuse of Deaf Women and Children
By Greg Paroff

Check on Po' Poets this week for new work by The Youth Po Poets and Drek.