[Hpn] @Comrades of OCAP, are you OK ? Association of Kamagasaki-Patrol,osaka

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Thu, 28 Jun 2001 04:42:55 +0900

To Comrades who know & act with OCAP and others;

 We are the Association of Kamagasaki-Patrol & the Association of Poor
people in Nagai Park,osaka, jpn.
 We support Homeless comrades in Osaka.
Today, we are still struggling osaka-city local government at osaka-kita
area that named Umeda and Ougimachi Park, and at osaka-higashi sumiyoshi
area that named Nagai Park.
 ...by the way, yesterday was 27th June.
Are Comrade John Clarke and 12 persons OK?

Would you like send some update message about John and 12 persons ?

 JR(Japan Railway) osaka station and osaka-city local government have been
forced eviction to our homeless Comrades who live on the sidewalk since
early spring(on March). Today( on 28th June), we will hold a collective
 Comrades! We will send our solidarities for you with our action.

 Vi venkos !
 Ni venkos !

 @ Association of KAMAGASAKI-PATROL              _/
      For Poor people's Mutual-Aid & Self-Defense  _/

 2F Higashi,Tsumura-sou,10-11Naniwa-tyo,
               Kita-ku, osaka, jpn

            WE MUST ACT !!
    (B.Durruti, a Rebel in Spanish Civil War)

 *Stop the War against OUR COMMUNITIES & OUR RICHES!
 THEIR SYSTEMS are real robbers & killers for US!!

 No to olym"PIG"! No to Isomura's osaka-revival plan!
     No THANKS to Forced Evictions & Arrested Asylums !!
     No THANKS to abuse & mistreat the Homeless people!
  Fascist mayor of ISOMURA must go
            to people's COURT and JAIL.

 URL*) http://www.geocities.co.jp/WallStreet/9279/

  >>Please send your messages to us!!<<
 E-mail*) kamapat@geocities.co.jp
 Phone/Fax*) 81-6-6374-2233
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