[Hpn] LABORFEST Press Release

chance martin streetsheet@sf-homeless-coalition.org
Tue, 26 Jun 2001 10:13:12 -0700


With the San Francisco Labor Chorus, Australian Actor Ian Ruskin as Harry
Bridges, Solo Artist Alison Wright, Music by Elitrea + Kali and
Dance/Choreographer Alexandra Tejeda Rieloff.

                   Saturday, July 7, 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

At The LAB, 2948 16th Street at Capp St. (between Mission and South Van

                         $10 to $100 Donation

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: 16th Street BART; 22, 33, 14, 49 and 53 MUNI lines

CONTACT: (415) 701-1431



The Redstone Tenants Association (RTA) is holding a fundraiser on Saturday,
July 7 at 8 p.m. at The LAB located in the Redstone Building at 16th & Capp
Sts. near Mission Street. The multi-disciplinary performance benefit will
feature local and international artists, including the San Francisco Labor
Chorus, Australian actor Ian Ruskin presenting a portion of his one-man
show based on the life of longshoreman Harry Bridges, solo artist Alison
Wright, Dance/Choreographer Alexandra Tejeda Rieloff, and music by Elitrea
& Kali.

The RTA was formed by the tenants of the Redstone Building in September
1999 to safeguard the building from exploitative development and preserve
it as the home of numerous non-profit cultural, social service and activist
organizations, artist studios, and small local businesses.  The membership
of the RTA is currently working together and with others to explore the
feasibility of purchasing the building so its current tenants may remain in
the building and continue to serve the community.  The tenants represent a
true microcosm of the Mission and city, ranging from social services such
as the Homeless Children's Network, Filipino-American Training Center,
Housing Not Borders, Bay Area Girls Center, Spiritmenders and the Mission
district's own credit union to activist organizations like Mission Agenda,
Art and Revolution, Whispered Media, and the IWW to alternative arts groups
such as LunaSea Women's Performance Project, El Teatro de la Esperanza, The
LAB and Theatre Rhinoceros.

The event on July 7 is part of the annual month-long LaborFest celebration
of the famous July 1934 San Francisco General Strike.  The Redstone
Building was built by San Francisco's labor community and commenced
operations in 1914 as the San Francisco Labor Temple.  The building was the
primary center for the city's historic labor community for over half a
century and played a significant role in the 1934 citywide labor strike for
better working conditions.  In 1968 the labor temple was sold to commercial
interests and renamed the Redstone Building, and it quickly became, and has
continued to be, the home to many labor and non-profit organizations. The
RTA is raising funds for its ongoing operations as it plans for the next
phase of development which will involve a capital campaign for the
acquisition and rehabilitation of the building.