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Below is a forward of another article from the Associated Press regarding 
the latest news concerning the U.S. Census and people who are homeless which 
was reported Thursday evening (June 28, 2001):


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Thursday June 28 8:56 PM ET
Census to Expedite Homeless Report

By GENARO C. ARMAS, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - After being criticized for how it counts the homeless, the 
Census Bureau (news - web sites) said Thursday it will release more detailed 
results this fall from a 2000 survey of homeless shelters.

Results from that report were originally scheduled to be released next year. 
It will include state and local figures on the number of people in shelters 
found during the three-day survey conducted in the spring of 2000 as part of 
last year's census.

But that may not appease advocacy groups and city officials demanding a full 
count of the homeless be released immediately.

Those results will still not include the number of people the 2000 census 
counted in soup kitchens and on city streets, Edison Gore, a deputy division 
chief with the bureau, said Thursday night.

A full disclosure of the numbers are essential to help plan budgets for 
shelters and other outreach programs, said Rep. Dennis Kucinich (news - bio 
- voting record), D-Ohio.

``The count of homeless Americans is a moral index in our society,'' 
Kucinich said. ``We need to know this information because we need to provide 
services for the homeless.''

The bureau has only made public national-level results of that survey, 
finding 280,527 in 2000 considered homeless. A similar one-day survey during 
the 1990 census found 228,372 homeless Americans.

The figures for 2000 were not part of census data currently being released. 
Instead, it was in documents the bureau had to make public over its decision 
in February not to release statistically-adjusted census data.

Gore stressed that any numbers that come out of the census on the homeless 
should not be considered an official count.

``Not by a longshot,'' Gore said. ``We think (the results) are low.''

The bureau had originally planned to release a count of people in shelters 
in the wave of census information now being released, but decided against it 
in January after an early review of data.

The bureau instead decided to release a report on the shelter population to 
give them a better forum to stress the problems with the data, Gore said.

Currently, homeless Americans are counted in overall population totals for 
states, counties and cities, but under the category of ``other 
noninstitutionalized group quarters.''

Barbara Duffield, education director for the National Coalition for the 
Homeless, agreed with the policy. Her organization urged the bureau not to 
give a detailed figure because of the problems in finding such a transient 

But several House Democrats and local city and shelter officials said they 
were under the impression detailed numbers would be released regardless.

Bureau officials were scheduled to discuss the issue with members of a House 
subcommittee on Friday.

Jessica Heinz, assistant city attorney for Los Angeles, said she never 
considered any census count of the homeless would be accurate but still 
wants to see numbers because ``they represent a good benchmark.''

A report released Thursday by the Urban Institute estimated 800,000 people 
are homeless at any given point in time, while at least 2.3 million 
experience it at least once in a year.

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