[Hpn] NCH Faces of Homelessness VISTA opening

Michael Stoops mstoops@nationalhomeless.org
Tue, 26 Jun 2001 15:31:01 -0400

Please forward this to any and all interested parties, lists, and
organizations.  Those who are currently homeless or have experienced
homelessness are encouraged to apply.  Please note the July 10th deadline.

AmeriCorps*VISTA Position Available:

Coordinator of Faces of Homelessness Speakersí Bureau

National Coalition for the Homeless:
The National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH), founded in 1984, is the
nationís largest and oldest national homeless advocacy organization whose
goal is to end homelessness.  Toward that end, NCH concentrates on four
content areas:  affordable housing, universal health care, living wages, and
civil rights.    We use the following strategies to achieve our goals:
litigation, lobbying, public education, policy analysis & advocacy,
grassroots organizing, research, and technical assistance.

Project Job Description:
The National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) has an AmeriCorps*VISTA
position open for an exciting opportunity to coordinate NCHís Faces of
Homelessness Speakers Bureau made up solely of people who have experienced
homelessness or who are currently homeless.    The AmeriCorps*VISTA member
will take responsibility for the entire operation of the Speakersí Bureau
including recruitment and training of people who have experienced
homelessness or who are currently homeless, moderating and speaking at
community and school events, evaluating presentations, developing public
relations materials, getting media coverage, and doing fundraising for the
Speakersí Bureau.   The member will be working with NCH staff who will
provide direct supervision and training.

Position Responsibilities:
* Promoting the concept of people who have experienced homelessness or who
are currently homeless speaking for themselves
* Giving 20 to 25 presentations a month in DC and across the country.
*Recruiting people who have experienced homelessness or who are currently
homeless to become a part of the Speakersí Bureau
* Organizing trainings for speakers on the issue of homelessness, and how to
improve their storytelling and public speaking styles.
* Develop more training mechanisms to help speakers take presentations to
the next level.  This includes videotaping and more one-on-one meetings to
link more of the larger issues of homelessness to the personal experience of
their lives.
* Coordinating the logistics of getting our speakers and audio visual/video
equipment to each speaking engagement
* Moderating all Faces panels, plus speaking about the root causes of
homelessness, encouraging reflection, and taking questions from audience
* To increase the involvement of audience members through NCHís legislative
action alerts.
* To serve as a volunteer coordinator for audience members who want to
volunteer with providers.
* Developing and implementing an evaluation mechanism for all speaking
* Developing public relations materials for the Bureau
* Getting regular media coverage for the Bureau
* Developing and maintaining an extensive section about the Speakersí Bureau
on NCHís website.
* Doing fundraising for the Bureau
* Networking with and helping develop other similar Speakersí Bureau
* Collaborate with the work and strategies of NCH to help communicate the
goal of ending homelessness.

Preferred Skills & Qualifications:
*  Interest and commitment to working for long-term solutions to
*  Familiarity with homelessness/poverty issues
*  Excellent written and verbal communication skills
*  Strong proficiency with computers.
*  Strong research skills and experience
*  Excellent organizational skills
*  Self-motivation and ability to motivate and inspire others
*  Ability to work independently
*  Ability to work in a diverse working environment and with members of the

Compensation and Start Date:
This is a full-time position and requires a one-year commitment.
Compensation includes a living allowance of $786 per month, relocation
expenses, travel reimbursement, health insurance, an education benefit of
$4,725 or a $1,250 exit stipend is provided after successfully completing a
one year term of service.  This education award may be used for loan
repayment or tuition reimbursement.  Your qualified, federally-backed,
student loan repayment will be deferred during your term of service with
AmeriCorps*Vista.  Immediate opening.

Application Process:
Send a cover letter, resume, writing sample, and references by July 10 to:
Michael Stoops, National Coalition for the Homeless, 1012 14th St., NW,
#600; Washington, DC  20005-3471.   Phone:  202-737-6444 x19.  Fax:
202-737-6445.  Email:  mstoops@nationalhomeless.org.

The National Coalition for the Homeless is an equal opportunity employer.
Women, minorities, homeless/formerly homeless people, and persons with
disabilities are encouraged to apply.