[Hpn] Post Mega-shelter announcement

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Tue, 26 Jun 2001 08:49:01 -0400 (EDT)

When El Pomar announced they were "pulling the plug" on the mega-shelter last 
week, the CEO of the foundation, Mr. Bill Hybil, said the $5 million is 
'still on the table" and he challanged the City and County "to assume a 
leadership role in addressing the area's homeless problem". Perhaps that 
process will be kicked off today. 
Matt Parkhouse,
Colorado Springs, CO

<<Homeless plan expected 
El Pomar likely to announce new direction today
By Pam Zubeck/The Gazette

The El Pomar Foundation has called a news conference for this morning at Red 
Cross headquarters to talk about helping the homeless in Colorado Springs and 
southern Colorado.

The news conference will include officials from the Red Cross, Catholic 
Charities and other players in the failed Montgomery Center, a 
59,000-square-foot homeless services center that was planned for the Mill 
Street neighborhood southwest of downtown.

Springs-based El Pomar, one of the largest philanthropic foundations in the 
Rocky Mountain West, withdrew its $5 million support from the center last 

Its chairman and CEO, Bill Hybl, cited neighborhood opposition, the delay and 
rising costs stemming from the residents', lawsuit contesting the project.

Though El Pomar officials wouldn't reveal details of today's announcement, 
Hybl vowed last week the foundation would spend the $5 million on homeless 
programs this year.

That statement led some to speculate that El Pomar is ready to announce grant 

"I'm guessing there will be some announcements about what they're doing with 
the money," said Krzysztof Myszkowski, head of Catholic Charities.

Sarah Jack, chairwoman of the local American Red Cross chapter, assumed the 

"I know that (El Pomar) is going to reaffirm their commitment in doing what 
we can (for the homeless) in the interim before a long-term plan is put 
together," she said.

"I think we're going to hear where the future direction might be. I believe 
this will be about where that money will go," she said. "I know Bill Hybl and 
El Pomar Foundation are committed to sticking with their partners in this 
program, so I assume some (money) will go to all of us."

Jack also said, "The services that are being provided are not adequate. 
That's the whole reason we've put our heart and soul into this (Montgomery 
Center). If we're going to be in this business, we need to provide better 
than what we provide for these clients. What they're provided right now is a