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The Union Leader*Manchester, NH*Saturday, June 23, 2001 
Business/RealEstate section C

NH Rents are up this year
Concord (AP) -A study by the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority
found that the cost of renting an apartment in the state continues to
According to the study, the median rental cost  for a two-bedroom
apartment in New Hampshire is $818, a 6% increase over last year. That
number includes an allowance for the cost of utilities over and above
"This continuing trend of rapidly rising rent costs makes it extremely
difficult for low and moderate-income families to afford a decent pplace
to live," said Claire Monier, the agencies executive director in a
written release.
"In recent years, rents have risen faster than inflation, and vacancy
rates have remained very low. In the past two years alone, vacancy rates
on a state wide basis have been about 1%", she said.
In only one part of the state did the median cost go down. In Coos County
the rental is $453, down from $464 last year.
Portsmouth was the most expensive city to rent in according to the study.
The median cost of a two-bedroom apartment there is $993, or more than 5%
higher than last year.
And for the first time, the median cost in MAnchester and Nashua is above
$900. In Manchester, it went from $794 last year to $925 this year. The
cost in Nashua this year is $977. 
Costs during the past five years increased most rapidly in Hillsborough,
Rockingham and Strafford counties. They saw 30$ increases during that
And according to Monier, this isn't just a problem for renters.
"It is also true that New Hampshire employers are finding that it is more
difficult to recruit and retain employees as the cost of housing
continues to grow," she said.
"This data highlights the need for a continued focus on public and
private efforts designed to increase the supply of rental housing
throughout the state if we are to meet the needs of our citizens and
ensure a strong economy," Monier said.

"Under the bridge isn't a place, It's a way of life some have to face.
 Cold and alone outside the fortunate-cant live life, cause they can't
afford it."
- Kupchun 2001 

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