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As a follow-up on the subject, below is a forward of an editorial published 
in "The Arizona Republic" regarding saving segregated schools like Pappas in 
Phoenix, Arizona.

FYI: Following the below forwarded editorial is information on how to 
contact the "The Arizona Republic" for anyone so inclined. Below that is 
additional information on the subject of school segregation of children who 
are, or who were formerly, homeless.

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-------Forwarded editorial-------

Wednesday, June 20, 2001
The Arizona Republic
[Phoenix, Arizona]
Republic Editorials section
Pappas School survives, but why the fight?

haven for homeless kids

June 20, 2001

It shouldn't have been this hard.

The popular, successful Thomas J. Pappas School, which serves homeless 
students in the Valley, deserves continued federal funding. Period.

But it was hard.

In fact, it took the support of the entire Arizona delegation and the 
backing of the White House to secure eligibility for the Phoenix school.

Under both the House and Senate versions of the education reform bill, 
schools like Pappas - exclusively for homeless children - would no longer 
exist. Pappas gets in on a bye, on an amendment written by Sen. Jon Kyl, 

Well-meaning advocates for the homeless argue that creating schools 
exclusively for homeless students takes America back to segregationist days 
- separate, unequal, inferior, unfair. It's like racism, they say.

They insist that homeless children deserve the same educational 
opportunities as those more fortunate.

They are right in that goal.

But they are hopelessly, naively, tragically wrong to insist on the demise 
of schools like Pappas.

Because Arizonans know Pappas is not unequal or uncaring. And if schools for 
the homeless elsewhere are run anything at all like the Pappas School in 
Phoenix, the country should take note and follow suit.

Just ask the students at Pappas School.

What they know, and the ideologues ignore, is that Pappas is the place where 
homeless children find stability, respect, hugs and an extra set of clean 

Homeless children know too well the frustration and loss that comes with 
changing schools every time that Mom finds a new job, or a rent payment is 

Homeless children know that at Pappas, the harsh realities of poverty don't 
make them objects of ridicule, or different from other classmates.

Homeless children know that at Pappas they are welcomed, no matter where 
they live, no matter who their parents are. They remember the indifference, 
the stares, the rejection they received when they walked through the doors 
of another new school.

Indeed, school administrators in central city areas identify transience 
among students as one of the key factors in low student performance.

How can schools teach effectively when fully half the students who show up 
in September will be gone by May, replaced by a whole new set of students?

Schools need stability as much as kids do.

That stability is not achieved by the rhetoric of the advocates, or the good 
intentions of federal laws.

Rather, it comes to Phoenix through the hard work of dedicated 
administrators, teachers supported by a community that has shown it cares. 
At a place like Pappas School.

It shouldn't have been so hard to make that argument.


The Arizona Republic

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