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cindy l carlson under_the_bridgeproject@juno.com
Wed, 20 Jun 2001 02:48:16 -0700

Dear  Mr. Chevrefils
I am trying very hard in Manchester to make appropriate referrals to
agencies that provide particular services so that I don't waste anyone's
time.  When I mean "appropriate" I make sure I research what a department
is supposed to do, before I make the referral.
In front of me I have 4 pages of printed material on AES Section VI
Service Delivery states: summarized 
The Div. of AES provides a variety of home and community based services
to the elderly and incapacitated adults over the age of 18. An
incapacitated adult is defined as as a person...with physical, mental, or
emotional inabilities who is unable to manage personal, home, or
financial affairs without the support of social services. To receive some
services Ind. must meet income guidelines...some services are contracted
to other  community agencies.

Services Available at the District Office:
Case Management, Counseling, Placement assistance, protective
services,Chore, Emergency support and more.

I'm sure that I dont have to define them for you as you know your program
well.  What I do need to know is how exactly does one acquire these

Let me tell you a little story. I contacted Mandy Dechaise and asked her
to help with a client who has three boys, has a brain tumor, Has
headaches and memory problems and cant keep her appointments straight and
had  lost her food stamps and other supports because she is incapable of
remembering everything. She is very ill and at the time she was still
living in her apartment. 
I gave Mandy her home number and her cell phone and address wiht the
womans permssion.
I assumed that Mandy would assist her with any agency appointments, help
her file paperwork for housing, as I faxed all the info to her and
perhaps assist her with setting up a program or something for the very
active boys. As I said, Mother is very ill.
Now two months later the woman is homeless, being sheltered at a hotel by
Manchester City welfare and still very sick and blames herself for not
being able to cope. 

I have a call on my Verison "call answering" that I think you should
It is from Mandy she says, "Just in case you think I am not doing my job,
let me tell you"... I made appointments with X on this date , this date
and this day and she never showed up. (Did she not hear what I said, the
woman needs asssitance with remembering and and keep track of things) 

Then I hear that X did keep an appointment with her and Mandy told her
there was nothing she could do for her and she went on to tell her a
story about another woman who had cancer and a little kid and she died

X said Mandy was very nice about it. 

Is that really the point, how professional is this. I know the story she
told as she told me the same story when I spoke to her about another

 I would very much like to have the woman work with AES as she needs all
the support she can get. 
Please help me to clarify who can help.

Cindy Carlson

"Under the bridge isn't a place, It's a way of life some have to face.
 Cold and alone outside the fortunate-cant live life, cause they can't
afford it."
- Kupchun 2001 

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