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Today's Manchester Edition of the  Union Leader. Mark Hayward reports
that one of the concrete pilings of the new civic center haas developed a
crack and had to be braced with a steel beam. The special committee
approved spending of another 8 thousand + to make a repair.  last nights
construction  cost totaled 46.94 million, and still we have the battle of
 affordable housing. But think of the jobs the civic center will provide.
How much will workers at vendor stands receive? Will they afford housing
or will they have to live in the parking lot?
   News - June 19, 2001 

Crack appears in concrete
piling at civic center 
Union Leader Staff

One of approximately 40 concrete pilings that support the Manchester
civic center has developed a crack and has been braced with a steel beam,
construction officials said yesterday. 

The Special Committee on the Civic Center yesterday approved spending
$8,947 in contingency funds to make the repair. 

“We’re not sure what caused the cracking of the pilaster,” said Peter
Levy, the project coordinator, who is overseeing construction on behalf
of the city. “It could have been in erection, it could have been cold

Also yesterday, one member of the five-alderman special committee opposed
spending $227,000 to finish electrical work on the project. The money
represents the cost of electrical work not fully known when the initial
contract was signed because construction plans were only half completed
when they were put out to bid, Levy said. 

“I’ve been happy with this whole project until I saw this change order,”
said Alderman Keith Hirschmann. Levy said it is the last of three similar
“big-hit” change orders. 

In April, aldermen approved spending $750,000 to pay for uncovered
plumbing and mechanical work. 

Last night’s action brings the total construction cost of the civic
center to $46.94 million and whittles remaining contingency accounts to

It is scheduled to open in mid-November and host the Manchester Monarchs,
an American Hockey League team, and entertainment events. 

No alderman opposed bracing the cracked pilaster with a horizontal steel
beam. Levy said the beam is secured to the foundation. 

But Hirschmann asked why the contractor, Gilbane Building Co., did not
share the cost of the repair. 

“If it was faulty construction that would be another story. We don’t
believe it’s faulty construction,” Levy said. 

When Hirschmann asked if the repair is guaranteed, Levy said a structural
engineer approved the repairs. 

Aldermen also approved paying for the relocation of two merchants who
owned businesses at the site of the civic center. 

Sports Fan Heaven/Collectors Heaven will receive $13,239; Gulf South
Medical Supply will receive $69,840. 

“It’s fair, it’s reasonable. We did have $150,000 in the budget for
relocation,” Levy said. 

Another tenant, Staples, is challenging the city before the state Board
of Tax and Land Appeals, Levy said. Staples wants reimbursements for
improvements it made to the property. 
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