[Hpn] Advocates to Protest D.A.'s Decision in 30th Street Station Killing/Philadelphia

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* What: Protest of D.A.'s Decision to bring no charges in the Amtrak police 
shooting death of Robert Brown, a homeless man labeled with mental illness, 
at 30th Street Station.

* Where: Philadelphia, PA.; outside 1421 Arch Street;
   the office of Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham

* When: Today -- Monday, July 18, 2000 at 4:30 p.m.

* Organizer: Joseph A. Rogers <jrogers@mhasp.org>, president and CEO of the 
Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania (MHASP):

Mental Health Association of Southeastern PA <http://www.mhasp.org/>
1211 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107


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Advocates to Protest D.A.'s Decision in 30th Street Station Killing in 

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PHILADELPHIA, June 18 /PRNewswire/ -- This afternoon, mental health 
advocates will stage a demonstration outside the office of Philadelphia 
District Attorney Lynne Abraham to protest her decision not to file charges 
against the Amtrak police officer who killed an unarmed homeless man on July 
18, 2000.

The protest will take place at 4:30 p.m. today (Monday, June 18), outside 
1421 Arch Street, said its organizer, Joseph A. Rogers, president and CEO of 
the Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania. "We will be 
there to demonstrate our outrage over District Attorney Abraham's decision 
in the police shooting of Robert Brown, and to demand action to prevent 
future tragedies like this," Rogers said. Robert Brown, a homeless man who 
had mental illness, had been walking through 30th Street Station yelling and 
was threatening officers with a metal chair when he was shot, according to 
some published reports.

Rogers is asking the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice 
to investigate.

Sister Mary Scullion, executive director of Project H.O.M.E., will also 
speak at the demonstration. She said, "Justice must be served in the tragic 
death of Mr. Brown, not only for his sake, but for all those who have 
experienced and will experience a mental health crisis and need effective 

Added Rogers: "Justice would not only mean sanctions against the officer who 
shot Mr. Brown. It would also mean that Mr. Brown's death will motivate the 
police in this city to do everything they can to avoid such tragedies in the 

Specifically, Rogers recommends that police adopt a model of crisis 
intervention that, according to a 1999 report by Amnesty International, has 
been extremely successful in achieving "reductions in the use of deadly 
force and in injuries sustained by officers and civilians." This is the 
Crisis Intervention Team model developed in Memphis, Tenn., 13 years ago and 
since successfully adopted in a number of cities, including Houston; 
Seattle; Albuquerque; and Portland, Ore.

Rogers concluded: "We believe that, if Philadelphia had such a team, Robert 
Brown might very well be alive today; and that his death, along with similar 
tragic incidents that have involved the Philadelphia Police Department, 
proves that the police need a better system of dealing with people with 
psychiatric disabilities."

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-- "Charges are not appropriate" against Dennis Kelly, who shot and killed a 
chair-wielding man, Lynne M. Abraham said.

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Joseph Rogers' Testimony on the Death of Robert Brown:
Hearing on: The death of Robert Brown;
Presented to: Philadelphia City Council;
December 13, 2000, 12 p.m.:



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