[Hpn] OCAP's vandalism a disservice to homeless

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Sat, 16 Jun 2001 20:57:24 -0400

              Jun. 15, 2001. 01:01 AM

              OCAP's vandalism a disservice to homeless
              Re Anti-poverty activists wreck finance minister's GTA office,
  June 13.

              Every person in this province and country should be outraged
  upset by the actions of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty.

              When did it become acceptable to commit criminal acts?

              When did it become a God-given right to vandalize people's
  property in the name of some noble cause?

              How noble is the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty?

              As a former homeless person and someone who grew up in the
  and remains idealistic to this day, I take offence.

              OCAP organizer John Clarke has an agenda that represents John

              I say this because actions like those we've seen recently do
  create a positive public sentiment toward the homeless.

              They create disgust and disdain.

              We are seeing this more and more every day.

              Why would somebody who feels that society has done them wrong
  think that smashing store windows of innocent people and looting is a way
  make a statement?

              It happens more in this country then we'd like to believe.

              We can no longer look at instances like this and say, "It's an
  American thing."

              If we do not act as a people to rectify this situation we will
  see more of this behaviour and more groups like OCAP acting in destructive

              If the people of OCAP truly represented the homeless and
  downtrodden they would spend their time and energy creating and supporting
  projects that are positive.

              I am saddened and sickened by their actions.

              I write this for all those who have gone hungry, slept in
  doorways and lost everything.

              Michael Teal


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