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Date: Friday, June 15, 2001 3:56 AM
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Would you like to join Friends of Camp Paradise?  We are looking for people
to support our drug and alcohal-free campground on the San Lorenzo River,
just north of the Highway One bridge.  Camp Paradise  now houses 23 people
who need a place to live, and have made this area their home.  For months,
these people have been hauling bags of trash up off the riverbank where the
City had for years given up on keeping the area clean.  An estimated 4800
lbs of trash has been hauled out so far by volunteer homeless laborers.
Twenty bags were hauled up today.

The neighbors on Felker St. have never been able to enjoy the river there
before, as the presence of drunks and junkies as well as the trash had made
the area both safe and unclean for many years.  They can't believe the


Take Felker ST. from Ocean St. (next to Denny's Restaurant) all the way to
the end.  Walk up the ramp onto the river levee.  Take the first dirt path
to the right and walk under the Highway One bridge on the east side of the
river.  Continue about 500 yards to the footbridge over the goldfish pond.
Welcome to Camp Paradise!

Shelter space in the City of Santa Cruz is limited to 39 spaces tonight.
Nowhere, can a person stay in one place for 24 hours.  The Homeless Census
2000 counted 1273 homeless people in ONE NIGHT!

Unlike many homeless encampments, Camp Paradise has already had a profoundly
positive effect on the environment by a huge effort at trash removal and
native plant restoration.  If the City is unable to shelter homeless people,
we must allow them to shelter themselves.  Where better to draw the line by
supporting such a model for how a homeless camp should be run.

Please send replies to: campparadise@hotmail.com

snail mail:
Camp Paradise
c/o Larry Templeton
115 Coral St.
Santa Cruz, Ca. 95060


Becky Johnson
Member of Friends of Camp Paradise
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