[Hpn] Pappas School gets backing from Phoenix

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Below is a forward of another article regarding the Pappas School in Phoenix 
Arizona, and the debate and battle in being waged in Congress regarding S.1 
- ESEA and the Kyl "School Segregation" Amendment, provided as a follow-up 


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Thursday, June 14, 2001
The Arizona Republic
[Phoenix, Arizona]
Pappas School gets backing from Phoenix

By Elvia Díaz
The Arizona Republic
June 14, 2001

Phoenix plans to officially support efforts to ensure that the Thomas J. 
Pappas School for homeless children is allowed to continue receiving federal 

The City Council's family and education subcommittee voted Wednesday to back 
the school, which for months has been at the center of a national debate 
over whether homeless children should be segregated.

"Our goal is to protect Pappas School," said Councilman Greg Stanton, who 
heads the committee. The full council has yet to vote on the matter.

With an enrollment of nearly 1,000 students, Pappas could lose about 
$850,000 annually under pending legislation in Congress.

Sandra Dowling, Maricopa County schools superintendent, said Phoenix's 
support carries a lot of weight.

"Phoenix recognizes we're a viable option (for homeless children)," Dowling 
said. "The formal statement is very timely."

Two bills challenging the constitutionality of setting up public schools 
exclusively for homeless students are in Congress.

A Senate vote is expected this week on a bill amendment that would allow 
Pappas School to keep receiving federal funding.

A second bill also attempts to prohibit school systems from providing 
separate instruction for homeless children. But it includes a grandfather 
clause that would allow existing schools to keep receiving funding.

On Wednesday, committee members Stanton, Phil Gordon and Claude Mattox shied 
away from endorsing either of the bills.

But the councilmen agreed to write a resolution defending Pappas while still 
supporting the children's right to a free education regardless if they are 

"Pappas School is a point of pride for Phoenix," Councilwoman Peggy Bilsten 
said. "Children have the right to attend any school they want, and Pappas 
offers an important option."

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