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Doctor's charity benefits homeless 
Western Australia
By Kristen Watts 
DOCTOR Noel Plumley decided to take free medical services to the streets
after realising that homeless people were among those least likely to get
access to health care. 

Research by Dr Plumley and his wife, Annette Allman, revealed homeless
people had more poorly managed medical problems than the rest of the
community and were more likely to avoid mainstream medical centres.

Dr Plumley decided the best solution was a mobile doctor's surgery designed
to cater to the needs of homeless people. Yesterday, his dream became a
reality when Health Minister Bob Kucera officially opened Perth's

The mobile clinic, which will be staffed by a GP, nurse and outreach
worker, is believed to be the first of its kind in Australia.

It will offer homeless people, sex workers and drug users services ranging
from minor wound dressing and vaccinations to health screening and
counselling. The van will be parked near the Art Gallery on Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday nights from next week.

There are about 12,000 homeless people in WA, many living in the city.

The van will not be a mobile dispensary or needle and syringe exchange.


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