[Hpn] Re: protest

marc goldfinger junkietroll@yahoo.com
Wed, 13 Jun 2001 18:04:28 -0700 (PDT)

--- unclescam <unclescam@buskers.org> wrote:
> l hale says 
>                I'm mean, what the heck. No one will
> get the message, but
> we'll have fun in the dark for a day. 
>                                         Subject:
> Roll Your Own Blackout 
>                                       Date: Fri, 18
> May 2001 19:27:25
> -0700 
>                                   ROLL YOUR OWN
>                              JUNE 21, 2001 THURS
> EVE, 7-10pm worldwide,
> all time zones 
>    As an alternative to George W. Bush's energy
> policies and lack of
> emphasis on efficiency, conservation and alternative
>   fuels, there will be a voluntary rolling blackout
> on the first day of
> summer, June 21 at 7pm - 10pm in any time zone (this
>   will roll it across the planet). Its a simple
> protest and a symbolic
> act. Turn out your lights from 7pm-10pm on June 21.
>  Unplug whatever you can unplug in your house. Light
> a candle, kiss and
> tell or not, take a stroll in the dark, invent ghost
>  stories, anything that's not electronic -have fun
> in the dark. Read the
> 1999 book "Natural Capitalism" by Hawken and Lovins
>   to learn that conservation/high efficiency
> technologies already ARE
> on-the-shelf. If implemented these revolutionary
> ideas
>    would pay themselves off within five years, after
> which we'd be
> pumping far less greenhouse gas into the atmosphere
> and
>     saving bucks to boot. Forward this email as
> widely as possible, to
> your government representatives and environmental
>  contacts. Let them know we want global education,
> participation and
> funding in conservation, efficiency and alternative
> fuel
>   efforts -- and an end to over-exploitation and
> misuse of the earth's
> resources. Anyone knows that the Cheney-Bush team is
>      blowing smoke when they tell us that "...
> conservation can't help,
> it'll just be too expensive to implement those
>  technologies..." While on the other hand,
> technology to develop and
> deploy weapons to blow incoming ICBMs out of the sky
> is
>                                                easy
> to come by.

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