[Hpn] Re: panhandling, alcohol

john macpherson nyceguy50@yahoo.com
Mon, 4 Jun 2001 12:48:38 -0700 (PDT)


It is my greatest belief that you are indeed for human
liberty and human rights more so than most other
council members. As I pointed out last week we all in
one form or another pan-handle. You just use the US
mail service.

I have asked for more accessibility to the disabled
that are in wheel chairs and you city managers office
has taken it into consideration. I have frequently
stated that aggressive panhandling is the same problem
of those junk mailings that destroy our forests, and
the telephone solicitors. I fully preconize the
balance of employment here.  The homeless for doing
there rendition of such employment however suffer from
undue selective harassment of the community in which
they chose to live and acquire there needed services. 
I recognize that you are probably the only one that
agrees  that the homeless are people too as you have
attended the Homeless Memorial Service several times.

About the only thing that the Woody of the downtown
business alliance and I agree upon is that the
homeless of the city need not be herded into its
district that causes homelessness. These people as
well need to live where there life giving needs can be
absorbed by the community in which they live, and a
central location prohibits such absorption. If there
is a problem with us creating reasonable shelters for
ourselves and paying our share of property tax for
these locations tell me.  The Service providers just
don't wish to coperate as they must from that many
points. However the Internet is an apparant resolution
to their problem if they would use it. We the homeless
agree that a single point of entry is the best
solution yet disagree with that being a single
building.  A single point is ONE APPLICATION THAT IS

 I agree with Woody in the fact that drugs are a
problem in this area. However it is a fact that
alcohol is a drug and to properly do away with the
drug problem in that location the city must do away
with the lure of drug users by passing an ordinance
against the drug dealers of alcoholic beverages.

  I noted that unlike other states, violations of the
liquor laws is harder on the consumer than the drug
dealer. EXAMPLE Pennsylvania would have charged the
underage consumer a 600 dollar fine, the server 6,000
dollar fine, and the establishment 60,000 fine for
serving a minor, or for serving a person visibly
intoxicated. New York, Ohio, New Jersey are similar in
their laws. Such an ordinance would reduce the
ocurances of public intoxication.

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