[Hpn] Restroom Access Initiatives INFO REQUEST

HOBOMATT@aol.com HOBOMATT@aol.com
Mon, 04 Jun 2001 09:30:55 -0400 (EDT)

<< Any input, feedback or ideas would be appreciated.>>
Hello Mila,
I would suggest examining the European model of STAFFED toilet facilities. 
When traveling in Europe (especially Turkey), I was impressed 
as to how some (not all) of the attendents took great pride in "ownership" of 
their bathrooms. 

This would help by:

1. Addressing the safety issue

2. Homeless clientele would have contact with someone (the attendent) who 
could be available for referral and assistance if they were ready to leave 
the street.

3. The facility would be kept clean and welcoming (for ALL users).

4. If run by a homeless advocacy group, it could be a point for education of 
all who use it.
Good luck,
Matt Parkhouse, RN
Colorado Springs, CO