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Public Restroom Initiatives - Toronto planner seeks models (fwd)

FWD              29 May 2001
REPLY TO author: "Mila Garcia" <metrocom.mila@metrocom.mail.net>

Hi everyone:

Here at the City of Toronto we are trying to develop strategies to
increase the access to public washrooms on (a 24 hour basis) for people
who are homeless. This is primarily for people living on the street or
in our parks who need access to washrooms, both during the day and
overnight when many of the recreation centres close their facilities.
Access to shower facilities is also an issue. Homeless service providers
also comment on their limited ability to meet the demand for toilet and
shower facilities in drop-ins, etc.

In the past, public washrooms in Toronto were open overnight but there
were a host of issues (safety, etc) and problems as the sites were not
supervised on a 24 hour basis. Currently, this level of support is not
feasible within the city's existing budget.

Therefore, we are looking at ways to develop new solutions or enhance
existing services where we can and potentially to optimize the use of
provincial and federal funding dollars where applicable, and
appropriate, given the estimated need for this type of service.

We would be interested to hear how other cities may have dealt with this
issue. For example, have port-a-potties (portable toilets) been tried?
were they successful? how have safety issues been addressed?

Any input, feedback or ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Mila Garcia
Research Analyst
Social Development and Administration Division
Community and Neighbourhood Services
City of Toronto

e-mail:     metrocom.mila@metrocom.mail.net
or            mgarcia@city.toronto.on.ca


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