[Hpn] A new booklet that could use your help

Chris Crass chriscrass1886@hotmail.com
Fri, 01 Jun 2001 01:00:47 -0700

Howdy friends and comrades,

The fine folks of Kersplebedeb (a radical activist publisher and distributor 
in Canada) have just released a booklet called "Collective Liberation on My 
Mind".  It is a collection of essays that I've written over the past year 
and a half.

The table of contents is as following:
*Shutting Down the WTO and Opening Up a World of Possibilities

*Beyond the Whiteness - Global Capitalism and White Supremacy: thoughts on 
movement building and anti-racist organizing

*Confronting the Democratic National Convention and Working to Build a 
People's Movement for Justice

*Towards Social Justice: Elizabeth 'Betita' Martinez and the Institute for 
Multiracial Justice

*Reading Barbara Smith's 'The Truth that Never Hurts: writings on race, 
gender and freedom'

*White Supremacy on my Mind: learning to undermine racism

*Looking to the Light of Freedom: Lessons from the Civil Rights Movement and 
Thoughts on Anarchist Organizing

The booklet is 62 pages and is available from Kersplebedeb for $2.50.
They can be reached at CP 63560 CCCP Van Horne Montreal, Quebec Canada H3W 
3H8 or info@kersplebedeb.com www.kersplebedeb.com.  It is also available 
through AK Press - akpress@akpress.org.

I'm writing to let you know that it is available and also to ask for some 

*If anyone wants to distribute it.

*If anyone works at an infoshop, bookstore or library and would like to 
carry it.

*If anyone would be interested in getting a copy to review for a newspaper, 
magazine, zine, website, etc.

-any assistance would be greatly appreciated

The introduction to the booklet reads as follows:

"The essays collected together in this pamphlet are intended to further 
debate and discussion about some of the challenges facing the contemporary 
anarchist/social justice movements.  The challenge of developing a critical 
political analysis and organizing practice based in an understanding of how 
white supremacy, patriarchy, heterosexism, capitalism and the state 
interconnect.  The challenge of building a movement that is multiracial, 
anti-racist, feminist, queer liberationist, environmentalist,  
anti-capitalist and radically democratic.  The challenge of putting forward 
a vision that is rooted in solidarity, ecological sustainability, 
cooperation and autonomy.  The challenge of organizing against oppression, 
while also working against reproducing oppression in our organizing.  The 
challenge of working for collective liberation.  Together we can, forever we 

Thank you for your time, take care,
chris crass

please feel free to forward and share this message.

Chris Crass is a white anti-racist writer and organizing working to bridge 
anarchist theory and practice with race, class and gender analysis of power.
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